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Dave O.
Tue, 26 Oct 2021

Now is the Time to Create a Sure Connection to Enlightenment Transmission

Til Death Do Us Part?

I could die, and go into the Enlightenment Transmission, at any time. The Enlightenment Transmission would continue here until human life exists no more, or is unable, due to genetic modification, to sustain sentience.

Rapidly Diminishing Opportunities

With freedoms disappearing rapidly, and the masses supposedly underwhelmingly unconcerned, or rather their voices suppressed in the media and on social networking platforms, now is the time to create a sure connection to Enlightenment Transmission. They make take your life and body, but they cannot take your soul - at least not yet.

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

How Will You Get in with the Enlightenment Transmission?

Enlightenment Transmission is the Holy Spirit that incarnates into the space of interconnection between two human beings. To get "Transmissioned" you only need to connect to another in openness, honesty and vulnerability.

Avoid Drugs and Other Pollutants

For maximum enjoyment: clear the channels, remove the noise and increase your bio-energy by removing yourself from all physical and mental pollutants, especially electronic and pharmaceutical.

To learn more attend upcoming live online events or request a video replay (via email or contact-form) of events like ‘Ancestral Remembrance Reconnection’, ‘Experiencing Eden Deeply’ & ‘Return to Eden Blocked? Overcoming Obstructions’.