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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Nov 2021

After I Stopped Diddling, I Emailed Russell Brand. Yeah, I Did! Now It's Your Turn.

Reduce risk by taking risk

My friend,

Since the enforced global genetic reprogramming agenda is accelerating toward the bitter end, absolute domination of human consciousness, and cowards do nothing but meekly comply whilst angrily berating the courageous, I took my game to a new level: I contacted an influential ex-druggie comedian who has made a name for himself as a mover, shaker and quaker with messianic pretensions.

Jesus needed the Enlightenment Transmission, and even though J predictably failed in his short-lived mission to free us from the apocalypse, he achieved success beyond that of your average corrupt NGO, politician or, cough... Globalist Church.

To get self-motivated, this is all you need to ask yourself:

What's my most important message right now?

Who are my mates?

What's my next move?

The devil makes work for idle hands. So, instead of sitting around twiddling, fiddling and diddling, how about taking action? Reduce risk by taking risk!

I did something! I rose above the cynical noises of my psychic counterparts, and connected to Russell Brand ... Biff! Boff! Kapow! Batman!

Jesus jumps into the mêlée, kicking demon ass, Kill Bill style!

You don't get nothing for nothing!

So, what's so urgent that I'm now tugging on Russell Brand's beard and asking you to, too?

Read on, weep, and then act!


Russell Brand's Wake-Up Call Email


Hi Russ!

It has been the best of times, and the worst of times, and now it's coming to an end.

I wouldn't normally be roused from my BatCave, but desperate times require desperate measures.

Covid vax = chemical soul castration

[actually it's worse,
a reprogramming of the body's genetic firmware]

Hit me up sometime, bro, for a 5 min Zoom chat. You know I am good for it. And remind me of your direct BatLine. Going in circles is no longer an option. Feel me?

And to the nice person reading and filtering these emails, please make sure my old mate Russ directly gets this. You'll get his highness's eternal thanks, and that's a mighty long time.

Here is my own latest outrageous online appearance at The Stoa forum (it's all Greek):

VIDEO: Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana
Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later | Dave Oshana

Yes, I cut my hair and beard for it. My partner said that you and I look and sound too much alike.

Don't be stranger for so long this time because the clock is ticking, and the taxi man, he don't wait for no one...

Dave O.


So my dear friend, what can you do?

Start busking and busting guts!

Get the message out:
"Enlightenment Transmission can save us."

Live a bit. Feel the thrill!

For Success Do 3 Simple Things!

1. Tell Russell Brand something like "Dave Oshana is better than Katy Perry, your best guest and buddy ever!"
via hello@russellbrand.com, and his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook channels (if you still have social networking accounts).

2. Post about Dave Oshana and Enlightenment Transmission anywhere and everywhere. Including Amazon book reviews! It really works and eternal praise and kisses will be yours forever and in Heaven.

3. Inspire others to act now! Post links to this post and call it something like ‘Dave Oshana Didn't Diddle Time Away, He Contacted Russell Brand!’ or whatever you like.

Try it! Love is free, but life in shorter supply everyday.

Just do it!

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana

PS Which courageous celebrity/ YouTube influencer shall I email next?

PPS I got an even greater project after this one. It took all day to write this post.