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Dave O.
Fri, 15 May 2015

Everything But Enlightenment

A real spiritual seeker has no choice about their life of seeking. Unfortunately they have no way to switch off their life of constant distraction either. Enlightenment has arrived. It’s relatively simple to direct your attention toward that Enlightenment. However the signal to noise ratio in the average field of awareness is so poor that the Enlightenment is missed.

Proposed preparatory spiritual solutions have included strengthening the attention, stilling the mind and cleaning the senses. When this is done naively but diligently the results are is mildly titillating and stunningly ineffective. I know because I was once one such naïve spiritual seeker.

Enlightenment is not an object, therefore traditional ways to strengthen focus and attention will fail because they are object oriented instead of no-object oriented. Quieting the mind by reducing thinking is like waiting for the ocean’s waves to become calm in the belief that one will be able to see to the bottom – but the attention is still trapped on the surface. Cleaning the senses is like washing your eyes, it does not necessarily result in being a better observer.

The trouble with all of these methods, and the chances are they will be taught insufficiently well, is that they focus on the present world of manifestation – and that is most assuredly where Enlightenment is not.

The solution is for the attention to focus on no objects. But even thoughts, feelings and the senses are objects. So what is the name for what we are to focus on? At the risk of being circular, let’s call it “Enlightenment” because in this case some things are better left unsaid. Normally I welcome the attempt to describe everything. I have found that progress can be made in exploring areas which others claim are mystical and unknowable. However to find Enlightenment, we must simply notice it. I want to show you Enlightenment but will you join me in the field of no-objects?