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Dave O.
Wed, 10 Nov 2021

Living, Loving, Laughing & Learning: Giving All That We Got

In the BeeHive of the Human Energy Field

My friend, my love, my self,

This email is a (f)(r)(e)(e ) honeycomb dripping with delicious transcendental nectar. Lick and subscribe!

It's Coming Now!

Prediction: This week's online events will be about love, life, loving life and laughing at your love life. This much I know.

Busy, Buzzing & Being

It has been a busy week already. 12 hours per day answering emails, scheduling replays, and One-to-Ones, connecting like-minded participants and networking. The only automated parts are the online events and MP3 downloads.

Why Do I?

“Why do it?”, I am asked.

The briefest answer is my life for 21 years has been a non-stop transcendental experiences of amazing phenomena and revelations.

I share it daily with You. All of it!

I love that life is fun and funny. My dog, nature and cooking are fun. You are especially funny.

How about You, what do You love?

After my dog takes a dump, he gets energised and runs around.

How about You, what gets You energised?

When another dog barks, my dog gets excited and curious, and wags his tail even more.

How about You, what gets Your tail wagging?

Yes, how about You? Really, I'd really like to know You.

Know Me, Knowing You. Ahaah!

Even more than that I really want You to really know You. And I really want others to really know You too.

BeeHive of Being

I am hosting a BeeHive of Being, where we all come and go, mix and mingle, freely, led by the Spirit of the Buzz.

Drop in, wings a' flappin'!

This week, the participants and I have arranged even more (f)(r)(e)(e ) events than last week's smörgåsbord.

You'll find them all listed below.

So let's take a brief tour of the Enlightenment Transmission Human Energy Field Hive of Being!

Online Live Hive Events

Friday - (f)(r)(e)(e ) Love Life Laughing: Speak Easy hosted by the "What The Friday Club" with me as host, présentateur, compère and MC on Zoom.

Register soon to save Your spot. It's this Friday, of course!

I'll be continuing the same themes, rolling and folding the honey-coated cinnamon dough from different directions on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday ‘Love Life Laughing: Deep Experience

Sunday ‘Loving Life Laughing: Deep Exploration

More details of these events at the end of this email.

Hive Highlights: Replays

And this week we have 10 replays scheduled of

THE BEST EVER ‘Spiritual Rebirth: Fully Embodied Enlightenment (Guided Meditation)


Fully Conscious Dying: Loving Life and Death


Diamond Palm Healing: Oshana Energy-Work Method’.

The guided meditation will later come with a special MP3 at a huge discount for those who book the replay this week.

The guided meditation will auspiciously replay 11am on 11/11 (Helsinki time). It was booked from America where the time will be 4am ET.

Email me to jump on the replay camel caravan and cowabunga like Caravaggio to escape the Milan plague!

Buzz I Only Know = ET = HS = HEF

I never know what is going to happen in my Hive events but the Buzz knows.

The Buzz is Enlightenment Transmission, aka The Holy Spirit Jesus knew, the Human Energy Field.

Buzzin' Bees Weekly Events

The Hive never sleeps. The Bees arrange (f)(r)(e)(e ) deep heart-to-heart gatherings weekly:

Tuesdays "Guy Dance"
Wednesdays "Male-Female United"
Thursdays "Charge Barge"
Saturdays "Wizards in Oz" and
Saturdays "The Deep Feminine"

Beeing Creation

And the Bees make their own creations:

Ping me with Your menu requests and offerings.

Flaps Those Wings!

You'll soon discover there's much more if You dip Your toes. Just email me about any of the menu items above, and make suggestions too!

Now I have to get back to dogwalking, emails and cooking.

See You soon!

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana


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