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Dave O.
Fri, 12 Nov 2021

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Enlightenment at All Costs. Awakening by Any Means Necessary.

There's never been a more urgent or worse time to Awaken.

Wake up now, and you will see humanity's planned demise. Pushed off the lifeboats. No room at the inn's stable. Second Coming? No chance! Least worst side-effect of the Covid Toxic-Spike-Multiplying Jab? A peritoneal clot. Men either won't be able to get it up, or it ain't never coming down. Jeesus! No sign in the sky, yet. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding out: Covid planned plague, supply chain famine, economic slavery and covert warfare from unknown sources. What more do you want for signs. Huh!? Huh!?

"Enlightenment at All Costs. Awakening by Any Means Necessary" was my working principle when I got Enlightened 21 years ago. Free public meetings. Effortless No-Mind. Instant psychedelic phenomena. I was a performing monkey in a transcendental one-man circus side show (think "Heroes"). Revered as a hallucinogenic frog. But being an unregistered addictive human substance, able to affect psychic and bodily states with little more than a glance, was not for me. I won't be the opioid crisis of the masses, or another engineered addiction to subvert an already enslaved public withering on The Tree of Life's vine.

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Sugar-coated spiritual seekers loved the Oshana No-Mind experiences, but he closed the magic trick box, warned about the breakdown of society, and disappeared to Finland. A mythical place that doesn't exist, in most minds. 18 years later, he emerges from the deep forest, hefting the box that has now magically transformed into a set of Kill Bill pumpkin knives for slicing and dicing demons. Avert your eyes, kiddies. Spiritual warfare ain't pretty. Don'cha know?

This time, he has a team of hardened rough diamonds with special siddhis. Not a entourage of pale flabby flaccid spiritual tourists who blow their minds and youth on being suck-up groupies to guru glitterati, and run at the first sign of authentic gut-wrenching spirit-freeing catharsis. This is no Alec Baldwin stage set. This is as real as it gets. No time to watch polished videos of unhuman, surgically-enhanced spiritual celebrities. Buddha's Boner. Jesus' Jizz. Why do they never show the Dalai Lama's scrotum scratching, Tolle's tantrums, Gangaji's grimaces, Mooji's finger-licking fried chicken mukbangs or Jordan Peterson's plaintive cries for help? Real life is better than watching a celibate monk anxiously fingering his worry beads on YouTube. Take your finger off that Like button!

No matter who you are, the Apocalypse is raining down on all our heads. All celebrities are going to drown in this Flood. If you are hoping that I am going to get to the punchline solution soon, I might let you flounder in the rising tide awhile longer. Very few of you want it enough. Not yet. But you will. When it's too late. Or only early enough if something awakens the life force within. Do you feel lucky?

After 21 years of uncannily prescient, unimaginably anomalous "I Told You So's", and a lifetime eschewing tiresome Age of Aquarius/Mayan Calender/666 predictions that have come and gone, I am staking my peerless reputation on stating that the End Times are coming for you now, sooner than you think. It's happening! Psychic sirens are going off. Stop kissing the horned one's hairy butt. Get in the right line! Man the ramparts! Captain to Bridge! Star Wars Battle Stations! Insurrection in the Heavens! Jesus Kicking Devil Ass! The Soul Strikes Back!

Because it's The End, there's nothing left to lose. I can now say it all. There will be no courts to bring frivolous libel suits to protect the guilty. No blogs suppressing real spirituality. No cancel culture. Just an eerie silence, punctuated by screams of surgically trans-gendered Silicon Valley executives fighting to the death at Bezo's funhouse for biohacking oxygen cannisters.

You can now freely knock the local icons, assured that you will no longer spend a period of involuntary incarceration in some God-forsaken rendition hell-hole — because Hell is coming to you. Satan, opening his wings, has obscured the Sun, casting a long shadow across the Earth. But Satan will consume himself, after his children eat each other. It will be ugly. It will. Open your eyes, little one, and live!

What it comes down to, what you have been forced to forget, is this: the side you are on matters! You are either going down with Satan, as he plummets from Heaven into Hell, or you will die untouched by the Fires, and then have Eternal Life. It's your soul, not your body, that has always been at stake. Nothing else has ever truly mattered. Life comes from Life. The loss of Life is Eternal Death. Soul Lives Matter!

I've got more to say, but writing exhausts my latissimus dorsi, so instead I will save it up and burst it all out during this Weekend's "World's Ending" Online Events. You might as well be there, because there isn't anything else happening. I mean, seriously, what else? They are going to take away Covid Passes because the infected vaccinated case rate is riding higher than Lady Godiva's dress.

You Have To Show Up For #TheEnd

  1. FRIDAYWTF Club: Love Life Laughing: Speak Easy(f)(r)(e)(e )
  2. SATURDAYLove Life Laughing: Deep Experience
  3. SUNDAYLoving Life Laughing: Deep Exploration

I'll sign off now by exhorting you: Don't allow Covid vaccines into your body! They are not working, not preserving life, but destroying health and decreasing immunity, as attested to by a growing number of courageous medical experts and whistleblowers, and reluctant government statistics. Mainstream men, stop bending over. You are making it difficult for everyone with your shit-eating smiles. Women, stop taking it laying down. Get up! We need your aesthetics. Parents, don't sacrifice your children. They are innocents in this bio-genetic war.

One of our brave members informed his employer that, if they insist on him taking the covid vaccine to keep his job, then they must read 25 pages of scientific evidence he collated on the dangers of the otherwise ineffectual covid genetic timebomb vaccines, and then promise to compensate him for all loss of life, love and liberty that could ensue from their coerced life endangerment. Read, weep with joy and keep your bodily integrity intact:

Why refuse the Vaccine - a scientific based risk analysis appraisal &
Request For Exemption From Mandatory Vaccination Due To Unnecessary Risk

*All characters mentioned in this End Time piece bear no intended resemblance to anyone living or dead, but entities hovering somewhere in-between. You would be wasting inflationary digital currency and that time to pursue this.