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Dave O.
Tue, 16 Nov 2021

Jesus on the Cross! You Need An Exit, Now! But Will You Go Ahead?

You were warned, everyday for thousands of years. Now it's too late!

5 Things You May Never Know:
Life, Enlightenment Transmission, Eden, Soul Connection and Your Self.

I would really like you to have them. It is possible. It doesn't require buying online events or One-to-One, though they catalyse and synergistically support.

It does require: honesty, naturalness, nature, enjoyment and peace. And Enlightenment Transmission.

Since Enlightenment Transmission is the Human Energy Field, it is abundantly available. However, you and your partner, friend or family have to be pure transmitters or receivers. That means following your conscience, and never going against the highest guidance from Existence. Is that you? If not, then you need an uncompromising guide. You need me, like a fish needs water. You need Dave Oshana. I have been here for 21 years in all weathers. I am here until it is no longer possible. Time is running out. I am counting the seconds and stepping up the pace.

No longer is spirituality a leisurely Sunday stroll incorporating a brunch blow-out, but a one-pointed race to the finish line before the Father Time's Grim Reaper unceremoniously cuts off all forward progress, for everyone. The prospect of death focuses the mind wonderfully, and you need it to achieve sufficient acceleration to break the sound barrier between finiteness and eternity. The translation of all your molecules is uncomfortable, but nothing compared to staying behind to be Moloch consommé.

We have to travel at night, with zero belongings, for they would tie us to here, which is not now, but the all-consuming past that is masquerading as life. Virtual reality. The anti-life system. For 21 years, I have been quietly telling you to get out of this illusion. Now that it is turning on you, and turning you in, to hell, I throw caution to the wind, and jump in, with abandonment. None of us are coming out of this alive. No I. If it ("I") traps you, you are gone forever. Never was there such a time.

Of course, you don't believe. It's unthinkable. Your paradigm-bound thinking doesn't support it. It has been impossible for you to see that you were born into a prison that never cared for you, but aims to trick, trap and capture your soul. Your awakening, if it ever comes now, is going to be rude, shocking and hard. But there's not time for comfortable landings. There's no ground, anymore. All best bets are off, only beasts beating and cheating. The casino's roulette wheel of life is being dismantled. An unassailable cage is being built. We can't save all our loved ones, but only those who are ready to march in the dead of night, with no comforts, and never looking back. The New Age is over. Now only eternal pitch black night, with no light of the soul to ever illuminate the exit tracks.

I'm not looking for spiritual consumers seeking relief from trivial issues, or ego-maniacs hell-bent on aggrandizing power over weaker mortals. I am seeking true humans. And they will find me, manning the last chopper out of here, before the carnage, mayhem and reassignment begins. Technology, values and identity are about to go mad. History has never seen such control and herding of human cattle. And that's saying something. Imagine our worst horrors multiplied by 10,000.

Am I prepared to lose all spiritual tourists and aspiring cult leaders on the make? Absolutely! I've pushed them off the decks. I have said exactly the right things to put them off. I have closed the canteen, hidden the keys and the maps. I was never going where they are going: straight to Hell, and into Satan's dominion - where we will all go unless we find the spiritual exit. I am not taking everyone with me, in the first wave. And there may be no second wave, if there is nothing to save. And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with physical death, but the spiritual death that started in Eden. We have been revived and given a chance in every generation, but Satan's system has been working to snuff that out. Last orders. It's about to all go down.