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Dave O.
Mon, 22 Nov 2021

Losing Your Mind, Religion and Culture: Jumping the Mainstream Paradigm, Escaping Into the Light

Last chance for Enlightenment, freedom and the Human Energy Field.

Tourists, weep
Tourists, weep

The buzz of the Enlightenment Transmission Human Energy Field Hive is so energising that the bees rarely sleep. After seemingly aeons of love-less isolation, they are absorbing every drop of life-nurturing goodness. How about you, want some honey?

Are you ready to be exposed to the Light?

After reading my most recent emails and articles, a participant  feared that I was losing my mind.

Losing the mind is only natural and inevitable. But worse, old men lose their hair and  erections. But what is really so bad if one is happy, healthy and in love with life? Losing the last vestiges of a broken society's conditioned mind is no problem, especially if one attains the Original Mind given by God to Adam and Eve before Satan invaded the human body. Be aware: this article is filled with metaphors. You have to read between the lines.

We have to clear out every alien piece of DNA within our energetic system, so that crippling self-doubt cannot prevent us from having fully natural, healthy and meaningful lives. We are inexorably leaving the old world, because we are being squeezed out by anti-life elements.

I do not envy those who 'choose' to stay behind to drink from inhuman society's increasingly toxic sewage pipe. When those who are filled with love and life are exiled, a terrible darkness will descend, black birds of prey picking the living flesh off the bones of those who chose to stay. And a booming voice will laugh from the darkness, "you consented to this!"

I don't mind losing the last vestiges of my mind. I already lost most of my mind when I got Enlightened 21 years ago. And now, I am slimming the operating system down to the bare metal, so that I can optimally serve those who want Life in all of its fullness.

So, come one, come all. Don't be afraid to leave the mainstream, and the fearful Sirens who erroneously believe that "broken will be built back better". They are building a Faraday Cage to separate the Soul from the Body. Now, and only now, is the last chance for Enlightenment, freedom,  and union with the Human Energy Field.

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