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Dave O.
Tue, 23 Nov 2021

Sleeping, Dreaming & Nested Jokes. Feedback Excerpts for 19th-21st Nov Meetings

The only to really know what the feedback is about is to have your own Enlightenment Transmission experiences.

Some meetings can be watched as a video replay. Ask soon by emails to join the schedule.

Feedback excerpts are mainly from Friday'sThank God, We Can Still Enjoy Each Other!’, Saturday's ‘Boiling Point’ & Sunday'sA Tour Guide of Hell’.

“Hidden joke themes embedded within jokes nested in still other joke themes, packing heat, light, explosive spiritual energies and teachings, stashed in large cushion couches, stuffed in narrow doorways of our minds - in an instant, that would take a sitcom board at HBO months to not quite write, at a terrific rate of speed, while not being fully "in language"??!! A few times it looked for all the world like you hadn't noticed yourself one of the sweetest twists of a joke!! Masterful deadpan, or the greatest comedy writing team the universe has ever seen - you and the universe?! Bravo and Bravos.”

“Soothing and comforting effect on my nervous system.”

“Slept so well and deeply. Dream: I met something deep within that had been waiting for me to arrive. Waking up I felt light and refreshed, a cool breeze was running through spaces in my body. I felt elevated.”

“Amazed at the way all the threads were running through the event, joining one with the other to create an unseen web that we could all fall back on with ease.”

“Felt like tears are from a different part of my heart, like a softer layer, which is cool. ”

“Very deep sleep, after long time, waking up to a strange day - everything was accentuated.”

“Slept 10 hours in silence. Dream talking to you, and another participant, in an unusual manner. A longer subject.”

“Beginning to sense who you are in dialogue with. There is always more talent than imagined in any group. I found them interesting.”

“I began to get very relaxed in the last hour, and once almost thought I was falling asleep, which I never do in the daytime, as I am not a napper. I am recalling my dreams more since beginning your group.”

“Slept deeply, several dreams. In one, you and I were seated on the floor of a reed hut facing each other. We were practicing Mongolian throat singing simultaneously and trying to get a cool harmonic tone going. The dream itself was brief and I am unsure in what context the hut singing was relative to. I awoke feeling relaxed and happy.”

“Greater perception around your teaching "style" and "devices", like you have a sword, and are putting little paper cuts into people's swirling worlds. At times, it evokes uncomfortable feelings inside them, and they have to figure out where they are in time and space.”

“Some kind of relaxation that I went into, a continuation of last Sat event, a fantastical "game on" feeling, like in the retreat shala, like the 6 hrs rushed through me, and I had to chug about 24 Oz of green juice.”

“Hands spontaneously did 4 points OEWM, the energy at recent retreats had me to do. Bringing in heavenly energy, the world became technicolor where my body was lit up like bright light, and light was pouring down from the sky into my head, light and gravity and space and time, spanning the Earth. For most of the last 3 hrs it I felt like wind was moving around me, fantastical energy while just being on my couch.Felt like hearing through earmuffs, the words barely making contact.”

“The “metaphysical negotiation” might not be with me but for me, as in negotiating with the devil for my soul. What’s being exposed and burned away are the entities, not me. ”

“Always a very positive experience energetically, feel less alone for it.”

“I felt very much touched in the heart, how you are putting all of you into this. Very inspiring for me, nice, soft energy in my body whole Sunday, didn't feel to sleep more than 4 hours, to eat very light, fruit, fresh. Mind has more quiet than usual. Mental and emotional cleaning happened, like you said a "washing machine". Haven't noticed any unpleasant side effects. I felt much inspiration. [My] teaching flowed nicely, pieces coming from your words: nature of life, life energies, giving, sharing, connecting. I could see the fascination in the students. They enjoyed more than usual, as did I. They also gave much more feedback than usual. Feels good to receive goodness and pass it forward.”

“Opened up all sorts. I'm so deep under cover that I forgot my purpose. It's as if I've been living it in secret. It's as if my true self is the secret identity.”

“My mind is blank! Loved the Enlightenment Transmission! A treat and a blessing to experience after so long. Knocked me out in the middle. No idea what you said. Blissful sleep, we felt refreshed when the cat woke us up at 6am.”

“The WTF Club is the missing link. Loved the event. Energy and warmth were so strong throughout. Clear pure encouraging body inhabiting intention for all to take their place at the table, be bold be real and shine. Kindness pouring forth for all including absent friends. Feeling excited, inspired and ready to start doing. The blend included so many magic ingredients that made it impossible not to dive in.”