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Dave O.
Tue, 30 Nov 2021

Back to Deep Enlightenment! Open Public Season is Over!

There will be a full spread of Enlightenment delicacies.

This is IT!
This is IT!


Open public season is over!

The Enlightenment Transmission Group is shifting gears.

The What the Friday Club has been dropped from the line-up. The finale was Black Friday's 3.5 hour ‘Enjoying Human: Enlightenment Transmission Pre-Christmas Party’.

We can now load up for the Christmas Holiday Hiatus to be ready for whatever surprises Santa (note the anagram) brings in 2022. Ho ho ho!

I am getting back solely to the business of Enlightenment, after donating time to studying Coercive Covid Policies. Final parting shot: Liberate your rationality, imagine what mind-body gene-manipulating fun authoritarian governments can have with monthly genetic-reprogramming boosters?

For December, there will be a full spread of Enlightenment delicacies.

We started noshing already: a spectacular surprise 10 hour intensive interactive ‘Grind and Mend: False Identity, Fragmented Souls, Subpersonae’ on Saturday that went through the night until dawn, followed by a full-on interactive 5 hours on Sunday ‘Love: Flowing vs Resistance, Manifestation vs Infestation’.

Whilst everyone is invited to the upcoming December Deep Cleanse, most will not be able handle it, and will, Ego-reflexively, avoid it.

For the first-time ever, I'll be refusing entry to tourists for Sunday events, and severely warning those who have no clue how deep and effective is authentic spirituality par excellence.

I won't even say what the events are about; I don't want to feed misplaced ghouls of envy and fear.

Take heart though, there's a slight chance that opportunities will be back to normal in the New Year — but no promises. We only know what is happening now. Tomorrow, never comes.

The Great Spiritual Divide between the stay-at-home stick-in-the-muds and those who are getting clean is now so wide that any sharing of Truth & Reality with those who do not have commitment and staying power is futile. A dilemma that, as ever, I am working on to see what is possible — which might be not much.

Keeping it short:

Monday — Friday Replays of recent events

Wednesday — Friday One-to-Ones (Prices will rise in New Year except for those regulars and recent participants).

Saturday The Deep Cleanse Not for absolute newcomers.

Sunday Deep Spin Requires prior experience.

Tuesday — Saturday Participant-hosted Affinity Groups. Ask.

Anytime MP3s 100's to auto-download

Forever Intercessing Enlightenment Transmission,
Dave Oshana