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Dave O.
Sat, 4 Dec 2021

Where we are Going, Cannot be Spoken

A surprising change of events

Note to those interested in this weekend's online meetings.

I have deliberately not described much.

I don't want to commit to a certain format. This allows me the necessary freedom to commit to what matters, you and what you bring, and everyone, in a style and manner that seems appropriate in the moment.

What I do know is that last weekend's 10 hour Saturday meeting and 5 hour Sunday meeting were seminal, and showed and demonstrated an effective, uncommon, quintessential Oshana Enlightenment Transmission approach. I don't want to say what the mysterious aims were, since the false identity acquires "knowledge" only to kill the soul's connection.

Saturday's meeting has attracted an unprecedented number of absolute and relative newcomers. This presents a conundrum and a dilemma. How to move those who are ready forward whilst not leaving those who are new behind, feeling confused, overly-reactive, bewildered, bruised or brushed-off? The regular group have been ever-so slowly progressing to this kind of event. However, there was a relative newcomer last Saturday, who not only survived, but benefited well from the baptism of fire. However, he had prior exposure in some other ET events.

I am prepared to take a risk with newcomers but they have to know that they are taking a risk too. They risk boredom, pain, confusion or whatever are their hidden issues. I risk having squeaky wheels, the walking wounded, stretcher casualties or Klingons along for the ride - which will only raise the fever pitch. But such is the nature of this - which I still am not naming.

If Saturday is like roasting in Hell without a drop of water to moisten your parched brain, then Sunday is like a tour of a brewery - shorter, briefer, magical, constantly changing, and you don't have to drink the booze. Again, I am not saying what that is all about. Don't even try to seriously guess. Words are misleading by their very nature, design and intention.

If anyone is a newcomer with no prior experience of my fast-moving style then I would recommend Sunday. However, whatever you choose, you are leaving the known to enter the unknown beyond your comfort zone.

Saturday The Deep Cleanse Not for absolute newcomers.

Sunday Deep Spin Requires prior experience.