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Dave O.
Tue, 7 Dec 2021

War on The Ego

When there is nothing to lose

We declared war on The Ego, that multi-headed Hydra composed of sub-personae that has time-travelled 500,000 human generations to wreak havoc on your Earthly relationships.

For the second weekend, usual length online events have been stretched to allow detailed interactions, sharing and exploration of the human psyche, dissembling, disassociation, shame, sex, charge, attraction, addiction, reproduction, and all the things that humans do poorly, and wish they had never done. In one word: possession. Only when all senses are clear and open can we start to understand reality and why things do not work.

This is all too indescribably deep to write about. Instead, it must be experienced by being taken to the edge. Such an uncommon awareness, of the forces that shape our lives, must be known, if anything is to be known.

I was surprised that so many more than usual registered for last weekend's meetings, given that there was very little description, but mainly a warning of intensely uncomfortable encounters spanning up to 10 hours. Even that was too little time to bring a soul fully into this world.

We continue the washing machine this weekend. Spinning deeper, faster and stronger. We can't be taking newcomers, though. For, as the lens of the False Identity is ground down to a fine powder, insufficient preparation will cause disorientation.

Again, words are insufficient, inadequate and never comprehensive, so the following titles are just for fun event placeholders. Booking now:

Saturday Online ‘Ground Down

Sunday Online Heaven Up