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Dave O.
Wed, 20 May 2015

Emptiness is a Nice Idea Until The Ego is Facing It

The title for the 23rd May Enlightenment Transmission Teacher Call was going to be “Peering Into Emptiness” or “Looking Into Nothingness”. Both are more expressive, functional - and safe. Safe because they imply that you never have to leave the comfortable Isle of the Known to be able to experience the Outermost Reaches of the Unknown.  However that wish cannot come true.  

To know the fullness of Existence you have to lose the smallness of your limited self-identity. Most people are not prepared to make such a full and unrecoverable sacrifice. Instead they accommodate a “same old, same old” life which can only wish for the greatness of experiencing oneself as everything but never attain to it. The Universe cannot be squeezed into a pint-sized human experience. Fortunately it does not have to. However the price of entry into the Absolute is to be absolutely free of self-conception. With no self-concept, there is no self-reference and hence no selfishness. Without selfishness the Ego has no reason to exist. When the Ego no longer exists the ability apprehend Unity Consciousness is restored. However you have just read a string of concepts which are at best misleading and at worst dangerous, so you must discover what they mean via further teaching, advice and monitoring.

From the viewpoint of the divided identity, the Ego, a state of interconnectedness where no object or boundaries exist is an intolerable state because the Ego loses its individuality because it cannot maintain its separateness. The experience of Everything Unified will look like annihilation to the Ego, a condition of non-existence that arises when contemplating entering what looks like emptiness or nothingness. However the Ego’s fears are unfounded - for when the true self, as conscious awareness, merges with the Unified Everything it experiences fulfilment, satisfaction and completion – the soul has finally returned home to its habitus. It is possible to return Home during this lifetime i.e. whilst having a body, mind and even with an Ego in tow.

Nothing is something that you want very much but cannot have while you are a something from your mind’s point of view. You would not want to lose your body or mind to have the experience of Unity Consciousness and you do not have to. Indeed you should have a healthy life to fully enjoy Enlightenment.

The title for the Teacher Call is simply 'Nothingness' – it is raw, direct, true and leaves nowhere to stand outside of it.  You can only merge into it.

Join the 23rd May Enlightenment Transmission Teacher Call to explore, understand and return home to Unity Consciousness.