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Dave O.
Tue, 22 Mar 2022

Are You Playing Russian Roulette with Safe Soul Passage?

Do you realise what is at sake? Eternity.

As the energy ramps up towards the ‘Enlightenment Transmission MidSummer Island Retreat’, my nights get shorter, I ask who understands what being "fully in" means?.

It's unlikely that any participant knows, so the next question is "who is committed enough to find out?". The litmus test is the retreat.

The focus now is on those who attend the retreat. It's essential to know who is truly attending the retreat because the retreat is transcendental. And whilst, all feel it and are affected by it, only some can enter it. It's the difference between sitting on the beach and entering the surf. And the reason, why this is important to ascertain is because all of my being will go into supporting the souls who fully enter the transcendental, for it is the realm between this life and the next. It is safe departure lounge.

Everyone will leave this world, but not all will make it to somewhere good. Most people won't. The world system has not prepared them, but instead spiritually crippled them.

My retreat is not a worldly event, it is an invisible soul-saving mission. If you, the reader, are not on-board with this then you know more than you want or need. I would say that you are uninterested. So here we part company. In fact, we never really met. You never knew the Enlightenment Transmission or what this was all about, not even a little.

There are many distractions in this world but I have no part in them. What I do is not for entertainment or a better life but for something far beyond ordinary sights. It is time to raise your vision to the eternal, for that is where we are all headed. The question you've got to ask yourself is what will yours be like?

This is your only chance:

27 June - 3 July 2022
Purifying Souls, Removing Entities: Enlightenment Transmission Summer Island Retreat

Entrance conditions includes adequate preparation to enter the transcendental realm upon arrival by attending relevant online events and replays.