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Dave O.
Mon, 28 Mar 2022

Regaining Soul Consciousness: Revelation, Experience And Breakthrough

Restoring the Incarnated Soul

We lose soul consciousness after incarnating into the human fetus. Typically, this used to happen after birth, but nowadays it happens even in the womb, ever nearer to the time of conception.

Time is running out to regain that soul consciousness, a necessary prerequisite for being properly born into the life after your present physical incarnation. Unfortunately, social engineering has reduced the chances of success to almost zero, and virtually assured our mutual destruction at the hands of few power-crazed individuals who control the false identities of the masses.

Before us, only two ways: soul consciousness or anti-life programming. The later leads to a place far worse than here and now.

Soul consciousness is available to everyone at the same time via the Enlightenment Transmission.

Clearly, this is a revelation, experience and breakthrough that you must have.

Come up for air and join us by booking  live events in advance to receive the Orientation and to enter the Enlightenment Transmission.

Current events are retreat-preparation focused but may be attended by those who are unsure/unlikely of attending the retreat. Newcomers have to contact Dave to assess their eligibility and preparedness to attend. The actual format and content of the meetings are unpredictable and change moment to moment depending on the group's needs.

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Recovering Your Soul

Soul Wash