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Dave O.
Mon, 4 Apr 2022

Fighting for Soul Birth

Life has not yet begun

Upon exit from the physical birth canal, the fight for air, and to fully live, has just begun.

Like birds flying south, to return after the cold winter, the path is circular, not a straight line.

Born into a slave class, tagged with a captured mind and living within a hallucinated self, waiting, not to be chosen, but to be born.

Most spiritual babies will die, having never breathed the life-giving air of the soul.

Birth is not complete, until the body becomes soul conscious.

The struggle is hell.

What happens after soul birth is virtually unknown, the presumptive work of religious fiction.

Society will not tell anything, but lies.

Book early ‘Becoming Soul Born’ and ‘Retreat GroundHog Day & The Regenerating False Self.