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Dave O.
Tue, 5 Apr 2022

Pure Enlightenment Transmission, So Cutting-Edge, It Shaves Nuts

Strictly purity first

The pre-retreat Enlightenment Transmission is so cutting edge that Chan monks shave their nuts (London slang: heads, crazy) with It.

And now, of course, spiritual scene influencers and content-producers in LA, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and San Franciso's Bay Area have inevitably turned their digital prayer mats, and crypto-wallets, towards Helsinki in the hopes of following an unknown dog-walker who dreams of nothing more than making artisanal food taste phenomenal - and saving souls from being eternally-trapped between realms.

None of these international parampara-paparazzi have been accepted. Stricter than a sushi chef are this Shiba Inu-walker's eligibility requirements, whose sole focus is on preparing the final-ever intake for the ultimate island retreat - from which no entity will return.

Purity comes from strictly abiding by the inviolable natural principles of existence that society attempts to violate.

This final retreat's application window is now closing. Only those who have attended recent online events or previous retreats will have a chance of being accepted, if they adequately prepare.

* * *

Incoming this week:

Becoming Soul Born

Naturally this description, using the language of Babel to interface your False Self, cannot communicate Truth to you. It must be earned in the hot crucible of The Interaction.

Join all those who wish to live by being born into the Soul Life.

Retreat GroundHog Day & The Regenerating False Self

We are not just preparing for the ultimate retreat, but participating in an accelerated schedule in which every online meeting is a complete retreat wherein our false identity dies a thousand deaths and our soul ascends to the light. In this groundhog day state, we rise and fall, until we breakthrough.

Not for the faint-hearted, but those who do not wish to die in ignorance or otherwise.