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Dave O.
Thu, 7 Apr 2022

Spiritually Chasing Your Tale?

More confused than when you first started seeking?

Are you spiritual?

Spiritual seekers are generally more confused than the average person. How strange!

The average person is blissfully ignorant. But why isn't the truth seeker getting blissfully clearer?

The problem is caused by the seeker juggling contradictory belief systems. This will not be resolved by choosing one religion or guru. The damage has been done. It is impossible for a seeker to receive "new wine into a new skin".

Teachings will not help because the corrupted mind will ruin all perception and interpretation.

Only constant interaction with a living person who can see clearly, having left all belief systems. Clearly, spiritual leaders and gurus are not qualified, if they espouse beliefs, concepts and romanticized stories.

What do you choose now: fiction or reality?

You can go ignore this message, don't act and go back to sleep.

Or you can contact Dave Oshana. This offer is not often available. There is room only for a small number of committed seekers. The door is ever narrowing.