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Dave O.
Fri, 8 Apr 2022

I Have Seen How This All Ends For You...

Are you ready to receive everything yet?

I am writing to you because I see how it all ends, if you stay in the illusion that has been your life.

People imagine they have all the time in the world, until they finally become aware of their finite mortality. In a panic, they contact me. But often, by then, it is too late to help them come out of the illusion. They will die in unnecessary suffering.

I know of seekers who have been abused and scammed by spiritual teachers and gurus, losing all their inheritance, sanity and trust.

Seekers act like their lives are too busy for Enlightenment because of relationships, family, work, hobbies, and even spiritual practices, groups and teachers. They gamble that they have time - but they never did. The clock started ticking as soon as you were conceived. Every second wasted is a moment lost preparing for the life after this physical life.

Collective hallucinations tend to make people feel comfortable, until they get out. The movie ends with a jolt, landing in a body that is stiffer, colder, achier and filled with problems.

Spiritual seekers fall ever deeper into illusion as they slowly die. Poor health and imminent death do not strengthen a seeker's resolve to wake up, but instead weakens it.

The best time to wake up is always now, whilst you are younger, fitter and healthier. Time will not improve these finite resources. For this reason, upon Enlightenment, I immediately started sharing everything.

How about you? Are you ready to receive everything yet?

If you are ready then contact Dave Oshana. If you are not ready then set a wake-up alarm on your clock to remind you to check-in every day. I won't be here forever. Neither will you.