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Dave O.
Sat, 9 Apr 2022

How are you? Are you ready?

Do you ever wonder whether your loved ones will go to the same place?

How are you? Are you ready?

Life is changing so fast. I check the zeitgeist several times a day. Especially after sleeping.

We have now entered the transcendental age. We feel things before they happen. Our spidey-sense is activated. Having so many channels open at the same time may be overwhelming, foreign, yet strangely familiar. We are growing perceptual sense organs for the life after this physical life.

You are reading this text. We live under the same sky, see the same sun and moon, are affected by the same ocean tides, and are going to transcend from this physical plane in the same era. We shared the same life class. Do you ever wonder whether your loved ones will go to the same place?

It's so important to meet again. Those who were recently here are never really gone. They stick around. It makes sense, journeying together. Waiting just up the road. It's what you would do.

Right now, the air is thinner, the spirits are closer. The season is changing. Easter is coming. Very soon Enlightenment Day and the Island Retreat will follow.

There is never much time to prepare. There is always just enough. You'll have noticed from my regular emails that I am taking this very seriously.

Since you are reading this text. You are included too.

The birds are coming back. And with them song.

Are you ready? How are you?