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Dave O.
Wed, 29 Jul 2015

Summer Retreat Enlightenment Transmission for All

Dear Friend!

Tomorrow I will be travelling to participate in the most enjoyable and transformative event on the Dave Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching calendar: the annual Summer Island Retreat.
This summer’s retreat group will meet physically tomorrow, after many months of preparatory online group calls, classes and personal guidance.

But their real preparation work began months ago when the Enlightenment Transmission started a series of precise, highly intelligent and impeccably timed energetic clearings aimed at bringing space, order and harmony to their spiritual lives. There is a palpable, excited tingle in the air, similar to the moment just before a burgeoning mother-to-be gives birth.

The physical part of the Enlightenment Transmission process, the Island Retreat, is the final polishing. It can result in receiving the ultimate gift: the life that you were always meant to have.
Any such consciousness-upgrade, even for just one human being, has wide-ranging benefits for all spiritual groups, not only the global Dave Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community.

And right now I’m going to give you a peek into the profound and breath-taking impact of the Enlightenment Transmission in the run up to The Summer Island Retreat, by sharing two audio excerpts from my most recent Live Online Call 'Signs, Symptoms and Wonders of the Enlightening Enlightenment Transmission'. To listen, simply click the players just below the video on the homepage of DaveOshana.com.

Until now, the Enlightenment Transmission was an ‘open secret’, available only to a few lucky seekers. But a few days ago an ‘Enlightenment Transmission Open Season’ was declared. The first place for this freely accessible Enlightenment Transmission distribution will be Facebook.

Now you can freely gift your friends, family and loved ones with Enlightenment Transmission energy simply by using Facebook’s 'Suggest Friends' option. It only requires 5 seconds to benefit your whole network.

And at this time, anyone who actually Friends me will get extra powerful pre-Retreat Enlightenment Transmission energy – and so will you, if you have suggested those Friends to me - thus multiplying the total amount of Transmission that you would ordinarily receive. So if you are feeling inspired or just curious, I'm requesting that you use the 'Suggest Friend' feature on Facebook to suggest me to your Facebook friends or alternatively them to me.

See Facebook's official and simple way to suggest friends:

And here it is explained in pictures:

And finally my personal Facebook page for you to share is:

Let’s look forward to a great Enlightenment Transmission year. Let it start within your life.

I look forward to your contact.

Pre-Retreat Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana