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Dave O.
Sun, 10 Apr 2022

I've Been Ready and Waiting to Take You to the Other Side For 22 Years.

It's time to put your things in order

It's time to put your things in order.

None of this would exist, except but for you. A simple yet cognitively torturous sentence that requires years of English experience to parse, let alone understand. The spiritual journey that you must make is like that, otherwise you die here in the physical body, having never been soul born. The reasoning and model were explained in detail in ‘Becoming Soul Born’. Right now, if you missed, or will never see the recording of that event, you'll have to read between the lines to put the missing pieces of your understanding and perception together.

The chances are that this difficult prose, written after a late night sharing Enlightenment, will be understood by only one soul. Is that soul you, [[first_name]]?

There's no point dumbing down spirituality because social programming is nothing but a race to the bottom. Those who don't understand, never will. Humanity has entered the passing away era. Minds are becoming too slow, sedentary virtual-reality driven lifestyles. Free thinking has been cancelled. Initiative lost. Bio-hacked brainware, the next prison.

Truly, this is the only time to become free. The clock and the mouse ran out long ago. Waking up is simply not enough. Your soul has to fully incarnate and then develop before the body is no longer.

How long, how long must we sing this song? Tonight, [[first_name]] we can be as One. Not ideologically. Practically. It's time. And there won't be another.