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Dave O.
Mon, 11 Apr 2022

Fire from Heaven: The Unrelenting Cleansing Process Before Eternity

Burns through the night into dreamtime...

As prophesied, fire is raining down from Heaven. Where water fails to clean, fire is applied. Water is forgiving, inclusive and diluting. Fire is uncompromising, excludes and condenses.

The retreat preparation process has started by making every online event a complete retreat to make up for all retreats missed in the past and physically inaccessible in the future. It burns through the night, dreamtime, dawn, melting everything untrue. Meetings are a cooling salve for an uncomfortable process for the false identity which cannot be stopped.

We should meet everyday. Days are short, eternity long. Now in motion, we cannot take the hand from the plough.

This retreat is not all-inclusive, the opposite. Those who did not care to prepare are now too late. The retreat entrance period is closed.

Easter is coming and the decision now is to figure when will the Easter Online Events start, for how many days and how long each day? I reckon you know the answers.

Easter events will be posted but there are no links in this newsletter. This is a heads up. Look to the skies whilst keeping feet firmly on the ground.