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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Apr 2022

What keeps you up at night?

Now is your one chance...

Chances are it involves death of yourself or a loved one. Parents worry about children, couples about partners, singles about themselves, saints (if they exist) about humanity and ecologists about the planet.

Myself, I don't worry about death, I look forward to it. I wish you could too. I am not suggesting that we die anytime soon. We should live to our full-term on Earth to develop our soul for its forward journey.

After being born physically, the process is not complete until the soul is fully received into the body. That process is hindered by various pollutants that make impure the body, the mind and heart too.

Unconsciously, you sense you have not lived. It is not death you fear, but having never fully lived. This unspoken open secret, unshared pain that we all live with, is evident on everyone's face. No one seems to have a solution?

It's not actual fear of death that keeps us awake at night, but the fear that we and our loved ones never really lived. In an attempt to allay that fear we invest every waking moment in creating a "good" material life that typically is unobtainable, temporal and actually miserable.

Since it is not death we fear, but never having lived, life is like a paradoxical mirror reversed. As a consequence, people eventually fear to start living, and society openly embraces the death wish to never have lived at all. The imminent future is to be born into chemically-castrated genetically-modified full virtual-reality-surround bodies. On that day we will never ever have a chance to live again. Our lives will be managed by machines. That day is sooner than you think. The technology exists and is openly embraced.

Now is your one chance to live. Will you take it?

If you do, contact me.