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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Apr 2022

Resurrect in 4 Days with Dave! Online Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

Book the Live Series to Hang Out the Cool Dude Jesus Christ Superstar This Easter!

Easter, a celebration of victory over death. But can those who have never lived celebrate anything?

Contents may from title, depending on the real-time hungers of those present. A live lecture and even livelier interaction.

Deliberately low prices for extra-ordinary events.

Oh Adam! Woe Eve! What? Oh Wait, It's Your Family Too.
(Easter Good Friday)

Having his birthline stolen was bad enough for Adam but what about Eve's fears for her future generation? A workshop to birth real feminists and masculinists.

Staying Alive: Saturday Night Jerusalem Fever
(Easter Saturday)

Fat cows, holy cows and golden calf muscles. Roman occupied baths. A long-haired loud-mouthed messiah shaking sand from his sandals. What could go wrong? Understanding JC correctly. Course correcting for John the Baptist. Heresy. Such knowledge could get you cancelled on social media. But you love a challenge.

Jesus Christ Superstar: Who Did Jesus Really Think We Are?
(Easter Sunday)

People are either obsessed with themselves or someone else. It's all the same thing. It's all God Self-Identification Disorder (El SID). The solution is in the meaning of life which is the meeting/meating in the the middle, the know-what-I mean. (If God and Popeye can get away with "I am what I am" then I think you can stretch your puns and buns for Easter Sunday mourning).

The truth is the moon or the pointing finger, but the interaction where God touches Adam. It's actually a hot link, so not cool. It's what we are having for Easter Brunch. Eat light. Arrive early after showering and donning fresh white cotton.

Contents vary different from title, depending the real-time concerns of those present. A live lecture and lively interaction.

Hanging onto Jesus' Heel. The Mourning After the Night Before. Recognising He Came
(Easter Monday)

Easter all-in-one pita bread roll-up. Hang onto your chick peas and salad. You're going to need them. Ascension. Hiatus. Apocalypso time. We have only just begun. Life during the wartime. Dying to be born. Oi vey!