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Dave O.
Wed, 14 Oct 2015

The Unbroken Chain of Love and Interconnectedness

By tracing a path between an absolute origin and ultimate destination point, a human life is on a multidimensional journey to realise the interconnectedness of Existence. The visible manifestation of that journey is physical movement, the conceptual part: the movement of time. Life itself, including the Consciousness that powers It, existed long before your human life and will continue long after it. The temporal external quest for interconnectedness reflects a much deeper, profound and urgent need to experience of the interconnectedness of all things.

What then does it mean to be “lost, found or saved”?

The expression “to be saved” is a Christian expression that means to be with God for all time. To be with God means to share the experience of God which includes the experience of being interconnected with all things.

What does it mean to be “lost, found and saved” within the context of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching? To be “lost” means to have lost your sense of purpose, self and connection to God and Existence. There are various kinds of lost but they can be split into knowing and not knowing that you are lost. To be “found” means that you have made contact with the Enlightenment Transmission. To be “saved” means that you have followed that rainbow (the Enlightenment Transmission) to God’s Heavenly Abode. The Enlightenment Transmission is that rainbow and Enlightenment Transmission participants ride the top of the rainbow’s arch.

The categories of lost, found and saved can be further detailed and subdivided. For example, a person can be partly saved by creating a profound connection with something good. That good connection protects them in this world and gives them direction in the next. A good and deep connection can be created with a person, a group, a place and of course - the Enlightenment Transmission.

The soul seeks complete interconnectedness with the totality of Existence. When the soul has a physical body then energetic interconnecting happens within the body, brain, mind, emotional heart and intuition. When a person deeply connects to another - then they form a unit. Such units can create spiritual families. Connection happens with that which we love the most. So ultimately to be saved means to fully experience that unconditional love interconnects all things and emanates from the heart of God.

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