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Dave O.
Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Taking Full Responsibility for a Broken Reality

[This article accompanies the online class 'Taking Full Responsibility for a Broken World' and can be read to the musical accompaniment of Mala Vida.]

During the short time that you have been vacationing on Planet Earth, you may have become puzzled and even dismayed that people in general are unhappy and that things don’t work.

Perhaps you have asked yourself why you have been born into such a world, why is it like this and even “what could be the solution?” Presumably you are just one man or woman, diminutive relative to the world and its complex problems, without any significant social power or influence and coming late to the epic Game of Thrones-like history of human civilisations entangled and twisted over thousands of years. You have almost no real information access because everywhere you look it is the facts are covered up. Welcome to Planet Earth!

I am sure you have been encouraged, and even tried, to enjoy your stay but there it is again… a constant, nagging awareness that things are not right. Of course, it would be convenient if someone or something came to clean up the mess – pleasant even. You can easily imagine how happy you would be if we lived in a world of abundance, peace and unconditional love in all its various forms. Now stop daydreaming for a moment. That time is not here - yet every soul yearns for it.

So who can turn things around? Who can lead the way? And what is the method, the way? Although you may be waiting for a powerful, wise, experienced and influential character – the hero in your life is in fact  and has to be: you. And you know that if the whole of humanity fought the good fight to create true freedom, and you slunk away for reasons such as personal safety or comfort, that you would then feel strangely odd as if you had missed something essential for your understanding and sense of self, a crucial part of your life.

Even if logically, on paper, you cannot justify being the hero who turns present reality around, it nonetheless has to be you. This conclusion is arrived at by a simple deduction that follows from an incontrovertible observation that there is no one else.

The only thing that seemingly stands in your way of receiving this fact is simple, outright denial and refusal. Eventually you will arrive at acceptance -  but you may have to travel through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally to acceptance. And although you will stare into infinity and eternity all alone, you will be at peace because will have accepted your destiny.

Admittedly, the odds of success seem impossible but you have nowhere else to go, nothing else to be. Finally, your discordant personality, your confused self-image and erratic thinking will settle down. There is now only one life for you - you have arrived at you destiny point.

How can one man or woman change the course of history - and more? Of course, this is never revealed to us - otherwise the game would over. The answer is hidden and access to it is mystical yet it is there and your life will change when you find it. The answer is there in plain sight but like the Ghost Station between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn London Tube stations, very commuters have enough faith to squat down and peer through the glass doors to spot it at the right moment and not miss the opening.

Your opening is here – get ready to jump tracks.