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Dave O.
Wed, 18 Nov 2015

Riding the Enlightenment Transmission Wave - All the Way to Enlightenment

Anyone who comes into contact with the Enlightenment Transmission is on the ride of a lifetime – a one-way journey like no other, a journey that leads all the way to Enlightenment. But like any journey it’s going to have its fair share of surprises. Once the seeker-passenger is strapped into their rocket chair there is no escape and no control over the ride. The seeker can only lay back and receive. It’s here that it is essential to correctly apply the oft-used but frequently misunderstood spiritual cliché about ‘acceptance’ because whilst you can deny what is actually happening, you cannot stop it. Well, no surprises there since it is obvious that: Enlightenment is often denied, rarely fully realised but everywhere abundant. The greatest taboo of mankind has been to deny its own Enlightenment.

“You can come along the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours, but you are coming along” as the TV series cop would say after arresting a suspect. We are all on a journey towards Enlightenment – at least anyone who reads this article. But not everyone will make it. Fortunately those who come into contact with the Enlightenment Transmission are pulled into a ‘tractor beam’ that is much stronger than their Ego’s wilful refusal to give up its control game over the Soul. If there are any bumps in the ride then it’s typically the Ego that is the cause. The Ego is not exactly streamlined for spiritual development – it’s a Frankenstein’s monster that does everything that it can to deny its Godly aspect. The Ego refuses to grow, denies the truth and jealously guards against all progress.

As an Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching participant develops their relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission, their inner senses open and their wisdom and experience develops. Such a participant grows nearer to their Soul and further from their Ego. The Soul wants full Enlightenment to happen for the human being and wants a full relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission. The Soul enjoys the Enlightenment Transmission and everything that It brings because It is in harmony and unison with its own values and design. As contact with Enlightenment Transmission gets amplified in the life of the participant there is a growing sense of happiness, fulfilment and meaning. Note, that this is not poetry or some religious fantasy being written here but a description of common, everyday occurrence in the life of Enlightenment Transmission participants.

In the online class associated with this essay, I will describe some of the challenges, breakthroughs and joys that spiritual seekers, or rather their Egos, encounter after they come into contact with the Enlightenment Transmission. Furthermore, I will point out some of the subtle resistances and blockages that keep a participant in a simple ‘everything is fine’ state and prevents them from discovering the greatness that has been created for them. To find out more listen to: 'Enjoy Your Spiritual Journey, It’s Your Last One'.