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Dave O.
Thu, 26 Nov 2015

Maximise Your Daily Dose of Enlightenment Transmission

How much Enlightenment Transmission can you take?

Only the Enlightenment Transmission is required to realise Enlightenment and only the Enlightenment Transmission maintains the Enlightened condition. It follows that becoming and staying Enlightened is dependent on a relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission.

Although the Enlightenment Transmission is ever-present and always accessible, very few seekers are aware of It. My aim is to raise awareness of and provide access to the Enlightenment Transmission. In this way a seeker can get Enlightened. The Enlightenment Transmission effortlessly raises the awareness, energy and sense of purpose of the recipient which brings clarity, inner clearing and joy.

But it follows from Archimedes’ Principle that to get something new, a suitable space has to be created. The space determines how much Enlightenment Transmission a seeker can receive and assimilate. The space is related to the inner state of the recipient. But what size and shape is that space? What determines how much Enlightenment Transmission it can absorb?

Firstly, we must remember that the space is in fact the seeker, so really we are asking “how much Enlightenment Transmission can a person receive?” When we consider a person, what is it that they really consist of? When we get a sense of a person, what is it that we feel? We sense the character of a person. Indeed their character could be said to be comprised of their essential internal qualities and characteristics. What we are actually feeling, when we get a sense of someone, is their internal moral characteristics. We could call this the "Inner Moral Space".

The Inner Moral Space has to be distinguished from external moral behaviour because a person’s internal morality does not necessarily match their external moral behaviour. For example, a person may be a natural defender and protector of others but in certain circumstances they will not speak up or act because it is too dangerous. The degree of coherence and congruity between one’s Inner Moral Space and external behaviour determines the sense of internal unity and happiness that a person experiences. When these two are widely dissimilar then a person experiences a split. This split is unmanageable, uses up vital energy reserves and causes a person to fight against themselves.

Another example, is the person who acts politely and generously – but on the inside they are scheming, malicious, selfish, deceptive and dishonest.

The Soul is the source of all our good qualities. It therefore follows that when a person is led by their Soul then they are likely to be perceived as good by those who seek truth. But for one’s Soul to be seen by another, one must be honest. Honesty allows the crap that covers the Soul to be removed. Conversely, dishonesty keeps all the crap inside and makes it very difficult for the Soul to ever be perceived. This is one of the reasons why honesty is one of the essential requirements for seekers who want to receive the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching. Besides, it’s very difficult to teach a dishonest and closed person.

There are several other moral qualities that a seeker should have to be both the recipient and the sharer the Enlightenment Transmission. The same moral qualities are required of an Enlightenment Teacher to be able to receive and transmit the Enlightenment Transmission.

I will explore these qualities in the online Teacher Call entitled ‘The Inner Intimate Space Where You Can Fully Receive The Enlightenment Transmission’ and you will benefit from a greatly enhanced ability to give and receive as much Enlightenment Transmission as possible.