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Dave O.
Wed, 9 Dec 2015

Safe and Effective Ego Removal for Spiritual Enlightenment

The primary task of an Enlightenment Teacher is to connect you to the Enlightenment Transmission because the Enlightenment Transmission is the field of your Being. When you are Enlightened your everyday self is connected to your Being. The Unenlightened state is disconnection from your Being. In that condition, you vaguely and dimly intuit that there is more to life, but you can’t figure out what and where it is –this is extremely disconcerting and bewildering.

The secondary task of an Enlightenment Teacher, auxiliary to the primary task of connecting you to the Enlightenment Transmission, is to support you in removing the Ego from your mind. The Ego is the false identity, the fake representation of yourself and your relationships to all of Existence. Your everyday self tends to identify with your Ego and has an uncomfortable, inconvenient love/hate relationship with it. The everyday self yearns to experience the expansive, unlimited freedom of your Being but finds itself endlessly stuck within the projected world and machinations of the Ego. Until you can identify and consciously disconnect your everyday awareness from the illusory world of your Ego you will be forever lost within its virtual reality.

Up until this point, the majority of your life has been lived around serving your Ego. Your Ego has been your constant companion, your focal point. Rarely is any decision ever made without first consulting your Ego. This causes a boring, repetitive, monotonous and chained state of existence. You yearn to be free yet ironically you consult your Ego, the source and cause of your enslavement, about how to become free. Your everyday persona, your identity, is intimately tied up with your Ego. If your Ego was suddenly removed, the structure and foundations of your present lifestyle would collapse. This might render you destitute, dysfunctional or to be considered insane. The trick therefore is how to remove the Ego without destroying the life of a seeker? And how to support the seeker without causing their Ego to grow even stronger and attach itself to the romantic fiction of being a spiritual seeker?

A life constructed around the illusory projected reality of the Ego is a lie, a careful lie that approximately maps, matches and follows reality. Everything which one holds to be dear, true and precious is interwoven into the Ego’s fictitious reality. To access that information, the memories of an entire lifetime and the principles, or rather beliefs, about how to live and be happy, one needs a key. That key is the artificially constructed false persona. If the Ego is suddenly killed – which is the avowed goal of naive and ignorant seekers and teachings – then access to a lifetime of memories may be destroyed in the process. Fortunately, most modern day spiritual teachings lack sufficient power and technique to be able to do much damage but unfortunately, they are also ineffective, deranging and unwholesome. A few spiritual teachers have inherited the ability to partially destroy Egos but this unfortunately creates crippled minds and damaged lives.

The Ego is a system of knowledge and identification – precariously and chaotically arranged and precipitously ever on the edge of collapsing. Yet the Ego System is able to sustain and recreate itself by hiding its existence, suspending disbelief and juggling alternate identities with matching realities. Succinctly, the Ego has an identity for all occasions - and when it does not, it simply ignores reality.

When a spiritual seeker meets an Enlightenment Teacher they bring their Ego to the first and every subsequent meeting. The Enlightenment Teacher is not conversing with an authentic soul but with an illusory, constantly shifting personality. This is one aspect of the Ego’s anti-tampering system: to evade any spiritual cat and mouse game that would nail it to the floor. Each persona is a temporary safe house that the Ego can spend a few minutes in and thence moving on before getting rumbled. When you talk to an unenlightened self, you are not conversing with one individual but multitudinous personalities, in fact the masses. All of this is contained within one mind, and at night comes out to play within the realm of dreams.

Whilst the Ego is strong, it holds a person’s everyday self within its thrall. When the Ego is weakened it shuts a person down as a safety precaution against being invaded and reprogrammed. The person goes into a funk and becomes depressed, lethargic and aimless until the Ego rebuilds itself and comes back online. The Ego has the capability to take a person off-line when there is insufficient energy within the body’s bio-energy system to sustain its fictitious reality. This typically happens during sleep time, fever and exhaustion. Perhaps, you can now understand just some of the challenges that an Enlightenment Teacher faces when trying to awaken a spiritual seeker from their endless sleep of ignorance and delusion.

If the Enlightenment Teacher is too soft, he strengthens the seeker’s Ego. If the Enlightenment Teacher is too strong, he thereby scares the Ego which will inveigle the seeker to either shut down, get annoyed, renegotiate terms or run away. If the seeker does not run away and the teacher’s enlightening transmission is too strong then the Ego, the false identity, will come crashing down faster than the Twin Towers, rendering the seeker disabled. This kind of damage is trivially easy to cause, as a review of stage hypnotism will show, because the Ego is like a house of cards. Take the wrong card and the whole psychic structure collapses causing the individual to become disassociated, deindividualised and depersonalised. Whereas before the individual was delusional but functional, now they are seeing clearly but are dysfunctional – either way it’s a jail sentence for them.

The task of an Enlightenment Teacher is to bring an individual back to their senses and reality whilst allowing them to function in the world as if they still had an identity with all of their memories and street wise skills intact. To do this, the Enlightenment Teacher carefully introduces a spiritual seeker to various experiences of self and existence that gently challenge the seeker’s perceptions of reality. Gradually, the Ego’s personal construct of illusion is dismantled, one card at a time.

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