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Dave O.
Fri, 18 Dec 2015

Christmas Has Been Cancelled Due to a Lack of Funds. Festivities Will Resume When Your Love Balance is Out of the Red.

Christmas is characterised as a time of good cheer based on the allegedly holy birth of Jesus. But if we look at the life of Jesus, we see that it is essentially a miserable story about failure caused by sabotage, enmity and jealousy. Jesus' birth didn't start good but the ignoble end was worse. You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. No matter how much Jesus' life is romanticised and dressed up with platitudes, it was miserable and tragic from start to finish. The Son of Man did not find faith. From the moment he was born he did not receive his mother's milk but snake's venom. These are the uncomfortable facts hidden in plain sight when the nativity plays are overly dramatised. Emotion and drama are powerful ways to avoid the truth.

Of course, I don't ever say anything for nothing or academic reasons. I mention this all-enduring story because it contains clues about our lives, failures, longing and self-sabotage. In the end our worst enemy is our self - and we get by with the help of our friends, as the Beatles sang. But if you have failed to get where you want to then of what help have your friends been?

Jesus said that where two or more of his disciples are gathered then there is he too. But what else gathers when people come together? Is it holy? If someone claims to have been saved by Jesus, does that make them as trustworthy as God? Even Jesus was betrayed from within the very group of supposedly loyal disciples that he had personally trained and selected. In fact, Jesus was betrayed his whole life. Everyone has a Godly role to fulfil but few ever do. Instead Jesus at every twist and turn of his torturous journey was not supported. Instead he had to do everything by himself. For this reason Jesus could not become a victorious king but instead was crucified along with petty criminals.

The Universe works on Divine Time. Everyone has a role and a timetable. Our duty is simply to do what we are given from the Holy Spirit, the Enlightenment Transmission. It is very simple. But it is virtually impossible when the Ego is whispering in your ear, distorting your brain's functions and causing your mind to project. We find ourselves not in relation to others, but with their fears and fantasies. For this reason no one is where they are supposed to be in life, instead they are trapped within delusion. Prison inmates often react violently to a change in regime, to facts and the possibility of escape - they don’t want change, it feels unsafe for them. Better the Devil that you know, they say. For this reason, Jesus was vilified, limited, ridiculed and sentence to execution.

This is not a Christmas Story, it is a story of betrayal and ultimately about you. If you ever wondered why the world, your world, does not work then join both days of the Christmas Online Enlightenment Transmission Intensive.

Intensive Day 1 will explore - The Problem: ‘Jesus, Judas and Mary: Why did things go wrong?
Intensive Day 2 will propose - The Solution: ‘Entering the Garden of Eden by Reversing the Crucifixion