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Dave O.
Wed, 30 Dec 2015

A Most Essential Breakthrough: The Eternal Weight of Overwhelming Love

Love is either blatantly in your face or hidden in spiritual groups, but either way - it’s not done right because it isn’t understood. I am talking about the deepest, most profound need to give and receive love.

When the need for love is unmet it morphs into 1,001 inadequate love substitutes - and real love is never attained. Who can confidently claim that they have received, given and perfectly maintained a state of pure love? No one can - because that love, that genuine love, has not been unleashed on Earth. Indeed, it was siphoned away and trapped so long ago that no one can remember what it was like. But out of sight is not out of heart. The heart still yearns. But mankind still accepts substitutes because that is all mankind had known for millennia. Consequently man is invested in a fake love that cannot bring peace, harmony and joy. Instead we have devastation on the individual, family and national level: mistrust, betrayal and endless enmity.

Why has love been hidden away? Why is the road back to love so twisted and torturous? Love has become a secret, a candle that burns in darkness somewhere, but not on our planet. Will you unlock love and let it roam free over our world? If you will then perhaps you can embark on this journey of discovery. We will encounter more than just a few obstructions. You will have to be selfless. This is a journey made for the good of the whole and not the selfish self. To be an enlightenment seeker is not enough. You really have to give up all your hopes, dreams and personal identity because they are selfish. And you will have to face the tragic facts that the loss of love has wreaked upon the collective psyche. Finally, you will arrive at the original cause which is quite likely the worst, darkest sin ever committed upon mankind.

Clearly to make this journey you can’t be a regular spiritual seeker, a punter, a consumer who is here to have their ego stroked, massaged and entertained.  Instead you would have to get off your armchair and get into the human race to join the race against time with the clock ticking dangerously close, to make a most essential breakthrough.