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Dave O.
Fri, 1 Jan 2016

A Terrible Truth Revealed

During 2016 I will reveal a truth so shocking it will make you dizzy, giddy and nauseous. Facing it will bring an end to all wars; herald in a long-awaited age of peace, love and understanding.

15 years with an Enlightened Teacher is insufficient preparation for this.

Once your eyes and ears have been opened to this hideous truth, you will be all alone, in deep and dark with the secret.

You will not be able to shut it out; no one will ever pull you out.

If you doubt your faithfulness or resilience then back away now.

The first brave souls to stand on the frontline of the human psyche, will stare into the face of The Beast, seeing the entire spectrum of suffering that It has created throughout human history. They will be unguarded, underprepared and disarmed.

To survive this mission they will have only the core basics of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching: openness, honesty, vulnerability, awareness, a sense of purpose and faith in the Enlightenment Transmission. If they are successful, future generations will not have to face the horror.

No matter how awful and distasteful, this project must be completed. An end to all wars - that would be worth it.

The first class for New Year’s Eve is entitled ‘Waking Up Eve’ in honour of our original parent.