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Dave O.
Mon, 18 Jan 2016

The Ideal Couple: Enlightenment Transmission and Love on All Levels

Is anyone completely happy? Planet Earth is currently a sad place. Most people lack the basic necessities required for a happy, healthy life. The root cause is the lack or loss of Love. Love solves almost every problem. With Love, a sad situation can become a happy one. Love finds healthy, positive solutions. With Love there always is a way. Love is optimistic and never gives up. You can depend upon the Enlightenment Transmission - It will always love you and never give up.

Although the Enlightenment Transmission is not physical, you can have a relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission will be with you when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. The Enlightenment Transmission can be felt in every cell of your body. The Enlightenment Transmission can guide, protect and support you in all of life’s most difficult situations. The Enlightenment Transmission communes with our Soul and our Soul becomes happy. A Soul needs a companion and the Enlightenment Transmission is that companion whenever we need companionship. But as well as being Soul we exist in the human form. The Enlightenment Transmission is not human and therefore cannot be a human companion.

Because the Enlightenment Transmission is the greatest thing that we have ever found, we want to find the Enlightenment Transmission in everything we do and have. Naturally we want Enlightenment Transmission to flow in all of our relationships. We want our friends and family to share the Enlightenment Transmission with us. Most of all, we want an eternal lover who has the qualities of the Enlightenment Transmission. In this way, we can share the Enlightenment Transmission fully in all areas of our life, on all levels, all of the time. By the illumination of the Enlightenment Transmission we can understand the true purpose and value of the Man/Woman Relationship, family and earthly life.

Thus far, we have never had ideal partner, parents or children. But with the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching we can work towards these goals. Eventually the ideal couple will appear and everyone will benefit from their presence, role model and existence. This couple will bring Heaven on Earth, therefore I call them the ‘Heavenly Couple’.