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Dave O.
Mon, 18 Jan 2016

In Ideal Relationships the Ego has been Dissolved by Love

Children want ideal parents, men and women want ideal partners - and parents want ideal children. Although these ideals reside within the most vulnerable and truthful place with inside us, tragically the world does not fulfil them. Should we look for a solution or have we already given up hope? Is one’s spiritual path for oneself alone? Do we believe that finding God or Enlightenment is a journey that one can only make alone?

It seems virtually impossible to manage one’s own Ego let alone two or more. But with the Enlightenment Transmission, Ego Management becomes not only possible, it becomes unnecessary. The Enlightenment Transmission does not manage the Ego. Nor, contrary to some spiritual paths, is there any attempt to kill the Ego. Instead the Enlightenment Transmission loves the Ego until it dissolves. The Ego justifies its separated, lonely existence by obsessing over fears. Love dissolves all fears. The Ego that is overwhelmed by Love sees that its version of reality is not actual reality – at that point It cannot exist. The person who loses their Ego becomes free, knowing both Love and Reality.

Fortunately the Enlightenment Transmission can be encountered outside of contact with the Enlightenment Teacher who is the channel for the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission exists outside of Enlightenment Transmission Teaching events – as participants have discovered. The Enlightenment Transmission exists in loving relationships. A relationship that is based on Enlightenment Transmission is a relationship of Love.

A loving relationship flows the Enlightenment Transmission. When a man and woman fully unite then the Enlightenment Transmission flows on every human and spiritual level. Such a couple does not yet exist. When such a ‘Heavenly Couple’ exists then every human being will benefit energetically. When such a couple have a family then every human being will have the chance to understand the full value and purpose of ideal parent, adult and child relationships.