Dave O.
Mon, 25 Jan 2016

Regaining Eden, Establishing Heaven on Earth and Warding off Evil

No one is really happy with their life on Earth. You will be treated very well for a short time and the rest of your stay will be hell. Doesn’t that make you wonder when you hear people say “you chose your parents before you incarnated”? Why on Earth would you choose to come to such a shitty place if you really had a choice in the first place?

There are 3 places where life doesn’t work. I taught these as the “3 Destructions” in 24th January Teacher Call ‘The Male-Female Relationship is the Ideal Home for Enlightenment Transmission and Heaven on Earth’. Briefly, the 1st Destruction is the split between your soul and your body. The 2nd Destruction is the unbridgeable gap between yourself and other human beings, especially your romantic partner. The 3rd Destruction is between humankind and the Creation including plants, animals, nature, the Earth and the Cosmos. These 3 Destructions create Hell.

Obviously, these 3 Destructions must be reversed. Firstly, you must find unity with inside yourself. Secondly, you must flow absolute, unconditional, pure love between yourself and others including within your romantic relationship. Thirdly, your love, compassion and kindness with the whole of Existence must be absolute. Fortunately, this is all very easy to attain because God has placed love, wisdom and forgiveness inside you. The Enlightenment Transmission uncovers these precious golden gifts like an archaeologist uncovers the structures of a hidden desert city by delicately brushing away the sand.

Once upon a time we lived in Paradise – knowing only innocence, having only Love. Then something terrible happened and Love was lost. Since then the human race has been completely disturbed and off-kilter looking for genuine love but finding only cheap substitutes. We have lost our connection to God, ourselves and the Creation.

We can, however, regain the original paradise. But first we must reacquaint ourselves with our Self, others and nature in a way that flows only Love. Since losing the original paradise, Evil has come into the world. Evil is simply that which prevents us from reacquiring our birthrights. We cannot simply walk back to Paradise, we have ward off the Evil that would prevent us arriving at our ultimate destination.

To have Eden regained, we have to build foundations and fences and acquire the seeds for The Garden. When the conditions are right, the Garden of Eden will appear and we will live happily as God intended, designed and purposed.

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