Dave O.
Mon, 1 Feb 2016

Immortality, Sexual Energy and the Seed of God

God is man plus woman in relationship. But how many couples are in true relationship? Being married or living together is not necessarily a full relationship. But even though couples may be immature and even unhealthy and dysfunctional they still have God-like powers. Indeed they have the absolute power to create life. They also have, and this is less noticed, the power to create death – by which I mean the death of individual freedom and health. Just because a person’s body is alive, does not mean that the person inside is truly living.

A man is a magician and a woman is his assistant. The man puts his magic wand into his female assistant, makes a few circular motions, says a few incomprehensible incantations and "hey presto" after 9 months a fully born human being emerges. That new human being goes on to become an adult and carries on the honourable tradition of magic by reproducing the same magic trick again.

Thus the human race is a race of magicians who reproduce themselves in every generation. However this act of reproduction is rarely conscious. Souls are piling onto this planet every day, but no thought is given to how they come in and what should happen after they arrive.

By the way, I was only jesting when I analogised that the woman is the magician’s assistant - in many ways she is more mysterious and powerful than the male magician. But it is absolutely clear that the male and female magician have to both be present during the act of creation for a new life to appear. What then are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a man and a woman to consciously create new life according to the Creator’s original plan?

When a man and woman’s body join fully together, which means that all of the energy centres are aligned and communicating, then there the Tree of Life is attained. This is very rare and possibly has not been achieved in thousands of years. A man is a half and a woman is a half. Only when they combine do they become a whole. The idea that a man is one complete independent soul and a woman is one complete independent soul is incorrect. A man is half a soul, a woman is half a soul – when they join together they become one soul and become like a star. Only when a man and woman become a star can they find each other after this life, in eternity – then they have become immortal.

The chance for immortality is wasted by ejaculating away the future. The man’s seed has a dual purpose. The first purpose of the seed is visible: to create new life by creating a physical body and the opportunity for an incoming soul to incarnate. The second purpose is invisible: to create a harmonious and united male-female soul body – a new life.  Every relationship is a new life, a new creation, a life unto itself, like an organism. But very few relationships are conscious. Thus when sex happens there is no awareness of what the sexual energy could and does create.

Perhaps now you can understand why it says in the Bible that attaining to the Tree of Life is a life fulfilled. But unfortunately that never happen because something went wrong. Conseqeuntly the Bible states that man and woman no longer know God, cannot re-enter the Garden of Eden, are doomed to die and have to do hard labour to survive. We can assuredly say that happiness is hard to find in the world at this time.

Yet the human race has within its power the ability to create health, abundance and happiness. Attaining this requires the correct use of sexual energy. That is such a surprising declaration that it requires evidence, doesn't it? The evidence will be provided by yourself by reflecting upon your experiences of life and your own personal experiments. What I am proposing is not part of the current paradigm thus I cannot even say that what I am offering is ironic or paradoxical – it is simply completely unknown.

To put it simply, the online class ‘Gazing on the Face of God, Attaining the Tree of Life and Ejaculating Away the Future’ will give you the opportunity to: gaze upon the face of God, attain to the Tree of Life, find true couple unity, become spiritually immortal, understand the purpose of sexual energy, respect the purpose of the seed of God that we all have and to stop wastefully ejaculating away the future. Does that seem a worthwhile use of your time?