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Dave O.
Thu, 11 Feb 2016

A New Heaven and Earth

If you haven’t thought about your future, you should start now.

Life has a dual purpose. Firstly, to achieve certain objectives here on Earth. Secondly, to make suitable preparations and provisions for the eternal life after physical life completes.

The two purposes are intertwined. Fulfilling your purpose on Earth determines your placement in the world after physical life. Your ancestors discovered this too late. You are being told in advance so that you can live consciously and make your preparations.

The New Year’s Eve message and the first 5 Teacher Calls of 2016 revealed The 3 Rings of Earthly Human Fulfilment.

Ring 1: The perfect ecstatic union of soul and body.
Ring 2: The perfect union of male and female, family and human race.
Ring 3: The perfect relationship with nature, planet and Creation.

It was also revealed that these 3 Rings are broken and need to be repaired. Our present mission upon Earth is to restore these 3 Rings. To do this we must be selfless. We do not do this for ourselves, but for our ancestors and their descendants.

The spiritual world existed before the physical world. When we incarnate into a body we exist in both the physical and spiritual world. Every human being is influenced by the spiritual world. It is necessary to become conscious of those influences and to correctly and successfully manage them.

Many psychological, emotional and relationship problems are caused by unresolved issues relating to one’s ancestral line. However the average person has no awareness of this and so cannot be taught what to do. Consequently as a spiritual teacher, I have worked silently and invisibly in these areas. However, your full participation is required.  Of course, consideration and attention is also given to obvious and accepted causes of psychological and relationship problems – but human life does not make sense without direct awareness of the energetic and spiritual dimensions which surrounds and inhabit the physical world, hence we practice the Oshana Energy Work Method.

Life has been described as a classroom. But that is just a metaphor. The purpose of life is not to study. We already know everything but we have lost access to that knowledge. The purpose of life is to do. Many spiritual teachings focus upon ‘being’ because being has been lost. The human race is in an emergency situation. Authentic spiritual teachings reflect this. But do not confuse emergency procedures with ultimate aims.

Our immediate aim is to connect to the highest source of wisdom and guidance within Existence. You should consciously determine what that source is for yourself. Do not be careless. For me that source is the emissary of God, the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission will open our eyes and allow us to see the purpose of our life. It will clean our senses, raise our awareness, free us from the false identity, purify our energies and support fulfilling the purpose of our life.

The purpose of human life is the perfect union of the male and female. This should be achieved by the whole human race. Unfortunately, many of us alive today will never fulfil this purpose. However we can fulfil the 1st Ring, and we can create the necessary and sufficient conditions for the human race to get back on track. This will improve the current situation for our ancestors; they are always connected to the descendants who are presently on Earth.

Today your personal mission just got upgraded. Congratulations!

Receive your instructions by listening to the Teacher Call ‘Entering the Enlightenment Transmission Transcendental Citadel