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Dave O.
Wed, 2 Mar 2016

Saving the Human Species by Restoring the 3 Enlightened Realms

Whilst Enlightenment is an immediate game changer for the individual who becomes Enlightened, it takes a long time for Enlightenment’s beneficial effects to significantly influence the rest of humanity.

An Enlightenment Teacher aims to change one individual at a time, whereas religion aims to change the large groups, even the whole human race, at the same time.

Enlightenment is concerned with Consciousness – which is otherworldly, whereas religion is involved with the world and all who live within it. Religion can easily become corrupted because society is broken by design, hence most seasoned spiritual seekers avoid religion.

However the world exists and humanity is in trouble – and Enlightenment has a role to play in saving the human species. But the strategy of changing the world through personal Enlightenment one individual at a time is too little, too late and not going to work. Humanity is on a collision course with self-annihilation as it eats its own soul.

For humanity to be saved Enlightenment has to incorporate the 3 Enlightened Realms, which are: Personal Enlightenment, Relationship Enlightenment and Creation Enlightenment.
Personal Enlightenment is the complete integration of soul with body.
Relationship Enlightenment covers the fundamental building block of humanity that is the male-female and parent-child relationship.
Creation Enlightenment is the relationship between the individual and the rest of nature and the cosmos.

Ordinarily these 3 Enlightened Realms would be naturally fulfilled – but something terrible has infected humanity which religion and mankind have not been able to remove.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching seeks to change that with a Teaching of Love that can transform humanity. To get complete and fuller picture of this plan, please listen to the live Teacher Call on Saturday 5th March Teacher Call entitled ‘Beyond Personal Enlightenment: Saving Humanity’.