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Dave O.
Sun, 6 Mar 2016

Averting Mutually Assured Destruction: Healing the Mother Father Child Relationship Triangle

Weapons of Mass Destruction? Yes, we have them!

Not you and I, per se. We are too kind, poor or powerless to possess our own Weapons of Mass Destruction but a small percentage of humanity have the means and the capability to wipe you and your descendants off the face of the planet forever. The coming devastation has already begun and is certain to get completed - unless it is averted.

We need to pay attention and understand why and how this is happening to us. We need to find a solution and apply it now otherwise humanity will never be saved from the Original Trauma which infects it. Furthermore, humanity will never enjoy the promised 3 Fulfilments: to have the full experience of the love of God within oneself, with others and with the whole of Creation. Without living descendants our ancestors cannot go beyond their arrested development. Without a healthy planet, bodies cannot be created for souls. Without a loving society, families can never fulfil their purpose.

What was once simply a terrible trauma that froze and separated the love between our Original Parents has become an institutionalised value. Destruction, violence and mass murder are ‘gifts’ that our dysfunctional society offers up to unknown gods.

Society has created a non-stop diet of glamorised yet traumatising and numbing violence which is fed to passive human beings via movies and video games on portable devices. A whole generation of husbands and boys have been lost to these portable Houses of Horror. The next generation will not be able to discern fact from fiction, virtual reality from reality. They will move and exist within lifelike 3-D worlds where everything that is seen, heard and felt will seem real. For the Ego which desperately wants to believe that it is safe, these virtual worlds are the only logical form of sanctuary. Whilst the real world and nature around them is devastated they will be jacked into an alternate reality where everything seems harmless and progressive.

We are naturally predisposed to believe in the goodness and kindness of everyone. Life was always supposed to be that everyone would be good, loving and kind. We know that our parents love us but sometimes we forget because there is too much confusing and contradictory data. Our parents want to love us but they have lost the ability to understand how best to do that. Furthermore, the good that they want to do they find themselves frustratingly and unable to do. Something has cursed and infected the human race and has caused separation between mother and father and between parents and children. Curing this accursed infection should be our top priority even at the risk of our own lives because we exist not for ourselves but for our ancestors and our descendants. If there is not fulfilment and happiness above and below on our family trees then we can never truly rest - ever.

The Original Trauma is not a division between the soul and the body - that came later. The Original Trauma was between the first man and woman. Something came between them and traumatised their relationship and thereby made full and true loving intimacy impossible. This separation between mother and father is the cause of separation between the soul and the body of the child. In attachment theory psychology this could be likened to “disorganised attachment” wherein a child has difficulty controlling and managing their mind and forming healthy, functional relationships.

Parents can help prevent their children from developing dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving. Children can save their parents from dysfunctional ways of relating. Husbands and wives can learn to enjoy and love each other. In this way the healthy reciprocal flow of love between mother and father and parents and children can be restored. This will allow all involved to understand and experience the true nature and relationship with God, family and nature. They will thereby become more immune to the terrible infection that causes society destroy itself. Even when a few individuals and families are saved this is no guarantee that the destructive course of society can be averted. But we have no other option but to try. Each bit of progress that we make will benefit our ancestors in the spiritual world and our living descendants on Earth.

In the 12th March Teacher Call I will explain the nature of the Original Trauma and how to fix it, give a correct understanding about the spiritual purpose of lovemaking and the necessary conditions for repairing parent-child relationships. Feel free to join ‘Healing Humanity’s Original Trauma by Practicing Continuous Reciprocal Loving Flow’ or listen to the Replay.