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Dave O.
Fri, 18 Mar 2016

An Experiential Journey Through the Faith, Hope and Charity that Jesus Knew

Spirituality is a journey that only starts when the experience becomes uniquely personal. All acquired concepts are counter-productive. On the spiritual path we find refuge in the truth of our experience, not the inside of our head.

Easter could be just another one of those concepts about something that happened out there, always foreign and distant, until it becomes you or rather you become Easter.

Humanity identifies with the Easter Story because it is a distillation of our essential hopes, dreams, aspirations, frustrations and sufferings. Although the story is tragic, mankind finds hope in it.

During our online Easter Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Intensive we’re going to explore 3 essential qualities that the final 3 days of the Easter Story reveals.

Good Friday is the Day of Faith.
Easter Saturday is the Day of Hope.
Easter Sunday is the Day of Charity.

Faith, Hope and Charity is the journey that all of God’s children must make. It’s therefore no surprise that this journey is enshrined in the Easter Story. While these 3 qualities seem to happen over just 3 days they are in fact 3 essential stages of spiritual life. We start with Faith, move into Hope and eventually exemplify Charity.

Jesus poured out his life so that we may all have life in all of its fullness. Join me for all 3 days of the Easter Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Intensive and make Faith, Hope and Charity your understanding, your experience and your being.

Listen and participate in the live Online Teacher Call in the 25th-27th March ‘Faith, Hope and Charity (Online 3-Day Easter Intensive)’ or book the Replay.