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Dave O.
Mon, 21 Mar 2016

Faith, Hope and Charity – An Experiential Journey Towards Spiritual Maturity via the Easter Story

We start life as physical and spiritual babies. During the course of our life our physical and spiritual bodies grow and develop. Our bodies grow in size and ability when our development is healthy. If the development is unhealthy then our growth and development is impaired. When we practice good habits and behaviours then we imbibe good spiritual energies which promote healthy spiritual development.

Unfortunately the modern person’s spiritual growth is impaired by bad social education. Society is evidentially spiritually broken because it fails to promote the giving and receiving of Love as its primary aim. Seekers who desire to grow and develop spiritually must therefore receive a proper spiritual education.

Jesus is a good role model of a spiritual man. We can learn from His example and implement His wisdom. Tragically, Jesus’s life was brought to a premature end by broken society. Consequently Jesus was, as far as we know, unable to raise a family. Nonetheless in the last recorded week of His physical life we can learn several essential spiritual lessons. We call that time the Easter Week and we shall be focusing on the final 3 days of the Easter Story, namely: Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

On Good Friday Jesus is tragically crucified in front of his family and disciples; His lifeless body is interred in a stone tomb; all hope seems lost. Easter Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath – a time of waiting, wondering and reflection. Easter Sunday is the Resurrection, Jesus lives again.

Easter Week is an experiential spiritual journey we make with Jesus and those closest to Him. Easter is celebrated through interactive theatre such as the Passion plays - which typically happen outside allowing the audience to participate in following ‘Jesus’ on his path from the Last Supper to betrayal, arrest,  torture and Crucifixion.

A Passion play condenses Jesus’s life into a few hours. We shall explore hidden meanings and lessons learned of last 3 days of the Easter Story over 3 days of Easter.

  • Good Friday is the Day of Faith.
  • Easter Saturday is the Day of Hope.
  • Easter Sunday is the Day of Charity.

Some may debate whether Hope comes before Faith but Hope is not a necessary condition for Faith nor does it necessarily lead to Faith. However Hope that comes from Faith is positive and constructive.

A human relationship starts with faith. When there is not faith, a relationship cannot start. When there is faith, a relationship can start and trust can develop which further seals the relationship forever. Faith can give rise to Hope – real, legitimate Hope. But Hope by itself is not development, it is a waiting situation.

On Easter Saturday the Disciples were waiting to see what would happen. Their ability to handle that most darkest and difficult day depended on the amount of Trust that they had developed in their relationship with Jesus. A strong bond of Trust would allow the Disciples to spiritually develop and mature - eventually to become Jesus-like, One with God, as Jesus had exhorted them to become. As spiritually mature human beings they would be able to give fully to others – that is Charity.

Jesus’s full life and maturity was tragically cut short. If He had become a family man and granddaddy then we would have learned so much more from Him. The lesson of Easter is a partial lesson and a story that implies stunted growth and arrested development. Nonetheless, there are many important lessons to be learnt. There are many more lessons that are not contained within the Easter Story - but fortunately these can be learned from the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching. The OETT is an experiential Teaching and you are on a voyage of discovery to know yourself and everything.

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