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Dave O.
Mon, 4 Apr 2016

Everything Else Is More Important Than Enlightenment!

I was all set to write an exciting, ground-breaking article about ‘7 Ways to Get Enlightened’. But something which at first blush seems unrelated to Enlightenment pushed its way into my awareness. “What could possibly be more important and relevant for an Enlightenment Teacher to teach about getting Enlightened to his Enlightenment seeking audience?” I thought to myself.

But there is something more important than Enlightenment – in fact, everything else. Everything is more important than Enlightenment because Enlightenment by itself has no purpose. Enlightenment is not the “be all and end all” of human life – in fact Enlightenment is part of something much greater.

Ironically, Enlightenment seekers who are obsessed with becoming Enlightened to the exclusion of everything else may seem to be the best candidates for becoming Enlightened. But Enlightenment is not exclusionary - Enlightenment is all-inclusive, Enlightenment includes everything that is good.

Enlightenment is natural. Therefore an Enlightenment Teaching should work with natural processes and with nature. Long-term austerity practices such as seclusion, celibacy, singleness and physical austerities which deform the body are unnatural.

Enlightenment is attained to be fully human and in touch with nature and the planet. Enlightenment’s purpose is not to escape the body, relationships, nature and life on Earth. Nor is Enlightenment about accepting everything as if there is no difference between good and evil. Human life necessarily should be about supporting good and diminishing evil. A fully human life is synonymous with Enlightenment. Whilst Enlightenment supports a certain degree of detachment it is not numb but instead is fully alive.

Those who believe that they must sidestep the process of becoming fully human as a necessary precondition for getting Enlightened are, ironically, highly unlikely to become Enlightened. Instead they will become frustrated, obsessed and sometimes antisocial. Whilst they may attain to a numb, zoned out, cold detachment they can never know the joys of a fully Enlightened human life.

It follows that a proper Enlightenment Teaching should be human, unselfish and works cooperatively with nature as much as possible. The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching fulfils these criteria – which is why there is more to life than just getting Enlightened. And this is why the next online class is about the whole of human life, from the very beginning until today – a continuous but broken line of human consciousness and how we can fix it. For further information read the description for the online class ‘Awakening to the Ancestors: Living, Loving and Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream’ and the accompanying article ‘Unbroken Human Consciousness’.