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Dave O.
Mon, 4 Apr 2016

Unbroken Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is just one thing, it is not divided nor is it shared. Nor does human consciousness cease to exist because of physical death. The consciousness that you have right now is not yours – it didn’t begin with you and it won’t end with you.

Your consciousness isn’t yours which is why thoughts flow in and out without your control. Your mind is a part of human consciousness – it receives and releases thoughts. You are unaware of much of those thoughts.

The thoughts that you are aware of you enter into a relationship with them where you seek to either include or exclude them – some you action and some you obsess about. Your mind serves the same purpose as a neuron in the brain which receives and transmits information.

Human beings visibly transfer information to one another through speech, text, art and action – we call it communication. But they also invisibly transfer information too: through feeling, emotion and other faculties that we might call intuition or telepathy.

Ironically, whilst many people wish to have psychic powers, they in fact already have them in an undisciplined and chaotic form. They are affected by the thoughts and feelings of others but they cannot filter the good influences from the bad. Psychic powers – you have them already. Psychic filters – they are a mess!

Your human consciousness is no different from your mother’s and your father’s which in turn is no different from their mothers and father’s consciousness. In fact, there is an unbroken stream of consciousness going back to the very first parents of your family lineage. Your thoughts are in fact their thoughts – there is no difference!

But whilst the stream of consciousness in your family lineage is unbroken, your own memory, understanding and awareness of this is broken. Many people do not know their ancestors beyond 2 generations. Hence they do not know where they come from or why they are the way that they are. It is almost if there was a deliberate cover-up to stop people knowing who they are. However even when ancestral information is missing, our connection with our ancestors is unbroken and continually alive. You are the fruit of your ancestors and it is your mission to complete the projects that your ancestors started and correct any wrongs that they have done.

The theme of the 7-day Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is ‘Unbroken Lineage’ because we will become aware of our own ancestral connections with the aim of fulfilling and fixing them. You will also have the possibility to help others reach their full potential by connecting to working with their ancestors.

The next live online Teacher Call is a good primer for this essential human project, it is entitled ‘Awakening to the Ancestors: Living, Loving and Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream’.

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