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Dave O.
Mon, 23 May 2016

Effortless Enlightenment - The Only Way

Following my own Enlightenment I realised that spiritual techniques and practices do not necessarily lead to Enlightenment and that achieving Enlightenment is easier and simpler than is traditionally claimed. Not only is the attainment of Enlightenment effortless but it can only be achieved when all self-created efforts have stopped. Using the mind in an attempt to go beyond one’s false identity typically strengthens that false identity and perpetuates the unenlightened condition.

It follows that the role of an Enlightenment Teacher is to bring about the cessation of all trying. Therefore arduous mental and physical activity by the seeker must be brought to an end for Enlightenment to happen.

However, simply telling someone to stop trying to become Enlightened is not only ineffective but may create feelings of confusion, tension, competition, frustration, stress and failure. Obviously such negative feelings do not align with effortlessness or positive relaxation and so are unlikely to directly precipitate Enlightenment.

If the giving of spiritual instructions leads to counter-productive efforts by the seeker then they are unsuitable. How then can a spiritual seeker be taught and led towards Enlightenment without instructions?

Fortunately within everyone is a natural mechanism that leads a person towards Enlightenment. The mechanism moves a person’s localised awareness outside of their mind. In fact a person’s localised awareness should not be inside their mind most of the time but outside the mind so that the person can fully experience life. Being ‘outside of the mind’ has several benefits for the Enlightenment seeker. The primary benefit is that it detaches a person from their excessive preoccupation with their false identity, in other words, believing themselves to be someone who in fact they are not. That preoccupation is called self-identification – it’s problematic because a seeker who believes that they are something that they are not will never allow arrive at the truth about their self.

To maintain its fiction the false identity has to deny reality. The false identity becomes disempowered as soon as a seeker doubts it. Such doubt can be generated by one’s own true experiences of reality. When the false identity cannot deny reality any longer the necessary and sufficient conditions to realise the truth about oneself, and hence become Enlightened, are fulfilled.

In the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching a seeker’s localised awareness is taken on inner journeys, voyages of self-discovery, where the individual directly discovers they are not who they thought they were.

The purpose of the Enlightenment Teacher is to support the Enlightenment Transmission’s guidance. The Enlightenment Teacher confirms and affirms the seeker’s Enlightenment Transmission experiences as they make their journey away from who they previously thought themselves to be, their false identity, and towards who they really are – which is synonymous with Enlightenment.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching also provides a seekers with ways that they can spontaneously go beyond of their mind’s self-preoccupations. The simple, passive way is to attend Enlightenment Transmission events. The active, do-it-yourself way is to practice the Oshana Energy-Work Method wherein the energies of the body lead a person closer to the reality of their self.

The easiest, generally recommended, way is to receive large amounts of Enlightenment Transmission – this is the most significant contribution of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching to spiritual seekers. The action of Enlightenment Transmission process to fermentation – wherein sugars are converted to carbon dioxide creating sufficient gases to propel a rocket into the air. In the case of the Enlightenment Transmission sufficient energy and self-awareness are created to jettison the false identity and escape the gravitational orbit of the mind –from this new vantage point one can realise one’s true self.

Participants who have received sufficient quantities Enlightenment Transmission can induce Enlightenment Transmission effects in others – thus they are like probiotic ‘starter cultures‘ transforming ordinary foodstuffs into lacto-fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir and kimchi.

It follows that the essential method of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is to provide large quantities of Enlightenment Transmission to spiritual seekers who want change and transformation. When a seeker retains the Enlightenment Transmission that they have received then the total amount Enlightenment Transmission that they have reaches a critical threshold for Enlightenment to happen. Naturally this process is effortless.

To discover and experience more about the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching’s effortless path to Enlightenment listen to my online class ‘Effortless Enlightenment by Enlightenment Transmission’.