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Dave O.
Mon, 1 Aug 2016

We are All Reverberating with Revelations from the Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. What Now?

A series of precisely timed ego-disrupting depth charges were detonated during Sunday’s Live Teacher Call ‘The After-Retreat Transformative Wave of Enlightenment Transmission’ revealing the secrets of the most recent Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat ‘Being Enlightenment’. Undoubtedly the Call participants are still reverberating today as their Being seeks to integrate the new Transmission Teaching content into their bodies.

The Call’s curriculum had to be intense and unrelenting by necessity as we covered 7 days of Retreat learning, explorations and revelation.

For those on the Call and those who attend the actual Retreat the integration period will continue for many months, all of the time revealing new nuggets and gems of self-discovery.

Aside from the obvious inherent value of this process, the additional aim is to synchronise the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community so that everyone has received the same ineffable Teaching ‘Download’ and thence can move forward together to encounter unimaginable discoveries and vistas of inner dimensional experience.

For those who missed the Live Call it is possible to book a Replay of the Call ‘The After-Retreat Transformative Wave of Enlightenment Transmission’ (ideally this week because it may be played several times but future times are potentially possible too).

So after compacting and digesting a 7 Day Retreat into a 2 hour time capsule – what is next for an encore? Admittedly, I was puzzled. I felt I had delivered so much already that participants should not receive more until they had digested it. Any theme from the revelation jam-packed Call could have been studied by itself for a full day to discover just 1% of its true value and meaning. But even when full we are still hungry. Then the answer came: participants need more, deeper, guided energetic experiences to truly open their awareness and abilities.

So the next Live Online Teacher Call on 7th August will be a guided journey through the layers and levels of the physical and energy bodies. Particular attention will be given, in-line with the recent Retreat’s Oshana Energy Work Method classes, to controlling the movement and force and energy through the body. As explained in the Teacher Call, this can have the practical value of protecting the body from energetic invasion and leakage and dissolving unresolved mental artefacts.

Dave Oshana demonstrating practical ways to dissolve incoming energies

Sounds exciting but still unclear? We start with what we can see and know and we work towards the invisible and unknown until it becomes known. This is how we move forward. Eventually the words will become so well-understood that they will become unnecessary as experience becomes more important than concepts, and living more precious than thinking. Are you coming along?

If so come and experience ‘Core Intelligence: Diving Into the Sentient Realms of the Energy Body to Recover Space, Dissolve Mind and Discover Self’.