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Dave O.
Sun, 7 Aug 2016

Essential Guided Meditation for Clearing Stuck Energies in the Abdominal Energy Zones: Preparation

[This article contains advice which is valuable for your whole life and so is being shared with everyone, not only those who are booked today’s live online guided meditation ‘Core Intelligence: Diving Into the Sentient Realms of the Energy Body to Recover Space, Dissolve Mind and Discover Self’.]

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Today’s Live Online Class is an essential guided meditation for clearing stuck energies in the abdominal zones. The practice derives from the Oshana Energy-Work Method, was explored on the July 2016 Retreat and mentioned in the 31st July Live Online Class ‘The After-Retreat Transformative Wave of Enlightenment Transmission’.

Teacher Call participants have expressed great fascination in this hidden, subtle, externally imperceptible technique. Those who have explored it on Retreat have been amazed by the effective results. It is more than a clearing technique, it is also a way to move energy in a clear and palpable way.

The difference between today’s Live Class and the Retreat Class is that today is a guided meditation which will be experienced laying down and will not involve any visible movement. Ripples and currents of energy will be felt moving through the various energy channels, tissues and fibres of the body.

It is highly recommended that participants clean before this class so that they can dive very deeply into the guided meditation with full, clear and relaxed awareness. Cleaning before the guided meditation will mean not having to come into contact with basic daily ‘gunk’ that clog the human body’s arteries and energy channels.

Basic cleaning can be easily fulfilled by practicing some, and ideally all, of the following for a length of time that feels appropriate:

  1. Breathing deeply and expelling air from the base of the abdomen
  2. Brushing the whole body with hands, moving energy mainly towards Earth
  3. Taking a walk especially in nature through woods, by lakes, seas or ocean
  4. Showering
  5. Wearing clean clothes
  6. Staying as far away as possible from strong electrical and EMF radiation sources (including mobile phones, WiFi mode/routers)
  7. Moving slowly
  8. Practicing techniques from the Oshana Energy-Work Method
  9. Hydrating with pure liquids
  10. Evacuating bowels and bladder

These cleaning methods will be added to the general Live Class Orientation.  Practising these cleaning methods will intensify the pleasure of your meditation journey easier for you as the passenger and easier for me as the driver.

Welcome to today’s Live Online Class ‘Core Intelligence: Diving Into the Sentient Realms of the Energy Body to Recover Space, Dissolve Mind and Discover Self’ (7th August 2016) [if you cannot attend you may request a Replay by email].

Bright Blessings for your spiritual journey through Life,
Dave Oshana


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