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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Aug 2016

Living in the Positive Universe - The Only Way

[Written for the Online Class: Resolving Energetic Harm in Human Relationships]

There are two Creations, not one. The Positive Universe and Negative Universe. You can often spot someone who is in the Negative Universe, their head is down, shoulders slouched, they spit on the floor muttering things like “Life Sucks” -which makes no sense to a Brit, because anything that sucks is a potential point of pleasure.

However not all Negos are obvious to spot. Like, for example, the Energy Vampire who comes to leech away your good health and looks. But just as bad and possibly worse than the Energy Vampire, is the Energy Vomitter, who needs a receptacle to vomit their bad energy into. It’s toxic dumping with no legislative protections.

The Universe simply requires that energy be parked somewhere since it cannot be destroyed - it can only be transferred. What's your role or anyone else's according to Dr Suess's Spiritual Diagnostic Manual? Are you an  Energy Vampire, Vomitter, Parking Meter or Toxic Dumping Ground? Are you a spitter, hitter, splitter or shitter? Are you a biter or a fighter? Are you bitter or a quitter? Who are you and what is the real function of all those other people around you?

The permutations are limited but no-one really wants to look. It’s like human trafficking. It’s so ugly that no one wants to admit that it exists. People get outraged about serial killers and rapists but human traffickers  go under the radar. And so it is too with those who haunt the energetic realms in search of prey to suck or dump on. [Getting sucked isn’t always pleasurable, although submissive types are trained to get sexual thrills from it - but that really is beyond the purpose of this article, as spiritual types we are only concerned with the Third Eye upwards.]

I can understand that someone who is getting their life-force sucked out of them (happens during sex more than you can imagine) or having toxic energy chucked on them (happens not only during sex but in innocuous  places such as the frozen peas section of the local supermarket) would start to feel that “Life Sucks” since depression comes after a dramatic loss of life-force energy. But it’s not Life that sucks - its other people! People are dangerous and some might not even be human. We spiritual Beings are however are partly human - but we are so nice that we look the other way when we are getting vomited upon or someone else is getting sucked (because your Mother taught you good manners). Unfortunately, we get used up pretty quickly - all that useful youthful enthusiasm and optimism that we once had – and not for any good purpose.

Anyone getting a headache or nausea yet? A touch of T.M.I? How are we going to tackle this if we don't just get through it?

Well, if you are feeling bad or curious then you probably want to get off the energetic merry-go-round of being passed around and sucked and f*cked (should I apologise for using Anglo-Saxon verbiage when it is for once being used accurately?) by a whole host of positively awful strangers. Most of those strangers though come in the guise of people that you supposedly know and like. Get your head around that one!

I am not trying to make you paranoid. Really.

Well, there are really only 3 options and only one is a real soul solution.

  1. Run away, isolate or alienate yourself from everyone
  2. Dominate everyone and do terrible things to them before they do them to you
  3. Love everyone, see the Light with in them and forgive

So you know which is the only spiritual option to choose?

Ha! None of the above would be the right answer. It’s like Game of Thrones: you play and you lose. Never play with limited options, start using your freedom. No one is going to let you win in this Life.

There is of course another option that involves not running, hiding, hardening yourself, avoiding or hurting others or forgiving the unforgivable until there is nothing left of you.

In recent years, I have spoken of “filtering”. Filtering is better than simply blocking out the world. Because the world has good energies and good contacts, not just bad ones. But there is a something better than “filtering”, something that not only keeps out the bad but transforms it and makes the world a better place for everyone but first of all for you and it stops you being a victim and a target.

And I want to find out - listen to the Replay of the Online Class: Resolving Energetic Harm in Human Relationships - make a request by email.

Time for a song:  The Power Of Love [external link: YouTube]

Now we have cleared the air let’s prepare for the Online Class by clearing, cleaning and making space within the energy body.