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Dave O.
Sun, 14 Aug 2016

Knowing the Essential Requirements for Healthy Relationships will Enable you to have an Unimaginably Full Life

Healthy relationships will enable you to have satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.  Bad relationships will mess you up, even kill you. You also have a hidden relationship - with your Ego - which complicates things immensely.

Relationships determine the quality of your life, therefore relationships are worth doing right.

Life is one long, continuous relationship. The only constant is the fact that you will relate – you have no choice, this is how it always has been and always will be. Life has more dimensions than you know – relationships help or prevent you discovering those dimensions.

To sum up: relationships will either empower or disempower you.

Dave Oshana questioning the true story (about the food at famous Helsinki restaurant)

All progress is slowed or completely stopped when you are in a destructive relationship, therefore identifying and removing those relationships is essential. This has been addressed in the previous Online Class ‘Resolving Energetic Harm in Human Relationships’ (available upon request for replay listening).

The purpose of the present Online Class ‘The Essential but Unknown Requirements for Healthy Relationships’ is to understand the essential but unknown elements for a healthy relationship. Without knowing these elements your relationship is unlikely to reach its full potential but instead is likely to fatefully fail with traumatic results for yourself and others. Everyone is welcome to ignore this offer of ‘relationship enlightenment’ and to continue in a haphazard path but it is ill-advised. Experimenting is fun - until the chemistry lab explodes.

Many exist in unsatisfying relationships of every kind, not only romantically and sexually but within the family, workplace and friendships. For those who have tasted the bitterness of relationship suffering, the Online Class ‘The Essential but Unknown Requirements for Healthy Relationships’ is an obvious and sure choice because they will discover the essential requirements for a healthy relationship.

Attending ‘The Essential but Unknown Requirements for Healthy Relationships’ does not guarantee that you will suddenly have wonderful relationships because a relationship comprises of more than just you – there is always the other person who acts contrary to your best wishes. They are unlikely to have control of themselves.

Attempting to control another person is futile and frustrating. But knowing the essential requirements for a healthy relationship will enable you to assess every relationship that you have presently and will have in the future. You will then be very well informed and have the choice to discard current and potential relationships or allow them to exist. You will do this from a place of clear understanding not naivety, wishful thinking or trial and error accidents. Anyone who is tired and fed up of messed-up relationships will want this understanding.

You are not being expected to practice behavioural modification techniques, affirmations, prayers or self-work. The Online Class ‘The Essential but Unknown Requirements for Healthy Relationships’ gives the power to see and understand why a relationship either succeeds or fails. This will give you awareness whether there is a relationship to fix or abandon. Such an understanding might not arrive for a person even after decades of relationship counselling. But it will be clearly delivered during the Online Class.

It’s strongly recommended that you book the Live Class well in advance so that you can receive vital technical and personal Orientation, but if you cannot attend then you may a request a Replay.