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Dave O.
Sat, 20 Aug 2016

New Content, Teaching & Style - The Future of the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching makes the invisible visible. No longer will seekers have to grope in the dark or listen for whispers lost in the noise of modern life.

The purpose of the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is becoming palpable and clear. As above, so below. Teaching format changes are inevitable.

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching has been an open secret, hidden in plain view – its unique value only known to a precious few seekers. We received it but we could not talk about it because we did not understand. The Enlightenment Transmission has been our constant companion, yet we knew it not.

What attracted you to the Enlightenment Transmission? What directs you to dedicate time and energy? What is it that you receive? Each participant has part of the answer, yet no one has the complete picture. We are blessed to within a great mystery. If ever there was an example of faithfulness then this is it!

The time is coming when all of your questions will be answered. All mysteries unveiled.