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Dave O.
Sat, 20 Aug 2016

The Future of Retreats & the Expanding Enlightenment Transmission Teaching of Love, Life and Relationship

Dear Participants,

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching repertoire is expanding: Love, life and relationship are here to stay.

New Teaching content, style and formats are necessary.

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching has unfailingly delivered unimaginable spiritual riches - making the invisible visible. Now is the time to spread these spiritual gifts far and wide. Which brings my attention to the subject of Retreats – those fantastic hothouses of spiritual growth and development - endless days and nights of deep Enlightenment Transmission immersion.

Retreats deliver the most advanced, comprehensive, cutting-edge, juiciest fruits of the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching. However due to space limitations and their residential nature, timing and location - our wonderful Island Retreats can only ever be available to a limited fortunate few.

Dragons seen over the Summer Island Retreat

How can the full fruits of Enlightenment Transmission Teaching be available to as many who earnestly wish for them? Is it possible to achieve the same immersion and focus in a non-Retreat setting? Should the first fruits of the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching be received by a minority participants before being passed on to the wider Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community or should everyone partake equally at the same time?

These are questions I ponder. Surprisingly, I am ready to turn the Retreat concept inside out, offering what has only been given behind closed doors to a precious prepared few, to a wider outside audience.

I take guidance by listening to the Enlightenment Transmission, secondly from participants and lastly from everyone else. I listen to all – intently.

Retreats take a lot of time and energy to plan, arrange and prepare. The results are fantastic and well worth it. But time that is used for one purpose is time away from another. So I have to consider carefully: what is the greater good and the will of the Enlightenment Transmission?

Such matters are mysteries that might eventually be revealed. All I want to know from you is: do you want Retreats and if you do then where and when? And if not, then what do you want?

One additional factor perhaps is that Finnish Island Retreat prices, as announced earlier this year, will rise because of operating costs beyond our control. The actual Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is still under-priced compared to other Enlightenment Transmission Teaching events, the time and effort involved and other kinds of retreats.

I do not want money to be an operating factor in how the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching spreads and so have resolutely ignored my own needs and financial security for over 16 years. However for the sake of others I am obliged to earn an income and currently barely make enough to pay basic monthly living expenses. I happily serve the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching and in that respect I am truly rich. The only question in my mind is “how best to serve?” – everything else will take care of itself.

And so my question to you is “retreats, retreats, retreats – what do you want?

If you want Retreats then let me know your dates. The Winter Island Retreat could be any week during December-February. The Summer Island Retreat could be any week from late Jun to mid-August.

I look forward to your communiqué.

With fond and grateful Enlightenment Transmission blessings,
Dave Oshana